Cruise for Cancer 2013

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Do well Mark, will look out for you at Sprucefield then.

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So are many of yous heading to this? New to here, might make it but not sure atm...
Hi Gracey. Welcome along. There aren't that many from this forum who really do anything regarding meets. Most people are on local forums like RMS or BCS etc. I think there will be about 4 or 5 hopefully meeting up at Sprucefield on Sunday at about 8.00am. However, there will be a load of people from different forums hooking up at Sprucefield. From there, heading to Carrickfergus for 9.00am and then drive up to Portrush. Very welcome to come along if you fancy it. Think registration at Carrickfergus will be about £10 or so.
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Jun 23, 2011
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Forgot to check here about c4c ... usually on rms :s .. anyway went up for bit of crack plus good cause... never seen portrush so busy ..seen a fair SEATS three ibiza's think they were fr's caught my eye .. nice flash red lcr and couple of mk2 leons were floating about ... £6400 for chartiy well done to all involved :) ... hopefully get a SEAT meet over the rest of the summer ?

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