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Feb 28, 2002
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What is it?

We drove the most expensive CUPRA model available in the UK, which comes in at £59,999. This is the UK’s answer to the 2.5-litre VZ5 with 390PS that we can’t get over here. It comes with extra power, new wheels, lowered suspension, an Akrapovic exhaust and more. Is it worth the extra £10,619 over the VZN we reviewed last year? And is it worth spending your money on with a new Formentor on the way? Read on to find out.

Powerful, mean looking, great fun to drive but expensive. We had a hoot with the ABT Edition Formentor, it kind of makes up for the lack of the 2.5 litre, VZ5 in the UK, so we are very glad CUPRA UK have worked to make this a reality...

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Jul 9, 2023
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Okay this should be a fairly simple calculation!

Considering my VZ2 310 list price of £39,970. This ABT leaves £20,029 on the table for tuning, any retrofits; 360 cameras, Beats, matrix LED. Aftermarket mods including; 200 cell downpipe, sports back exhaust, intake, intercooler, remapping, the modified insurance cost of running. Leaving out the sunroof and the fancy seats.

£59,999 could also get you a 1 year old used Vorsprung Audi RS3 or RSQ3.

No, I really don't think this ABT Edition Formentor is good value lol!

I'm pleased the review drew attention to how little the Akrapovič makes on the OPF EA888 too, very poor value indeed. Painted in standard black? At least the VZN has a cool exclusive colour! Lastly, still fitted with Brembo's despite the superior Akebono's on the VZ5? Sorry I cannot recommend this in the slightest, even with the unmodified vehicle benefit.

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Jan 5, 2022
Seen as they’re VAG, and they have a 2.5L RS3 engine at their disposal, why not give it to the sporty Seat side-branch CUPRA to put in one of their cars? It’d work great in a Leon too. Or would that then detract customers away from their RS3…
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Wyld Stallyn

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Mar 10, 2022

If I took my 3 year old 310 VZ3 and I threw £8,957 at it...

How much performance bang for my buck could I get..?

I love the idea
but not at £60k

I like the looks of the AKrobatic exhaust (saw em on a Non ABT Formentor in Snows Portsmouth). It was on 19"s and bot lowered neither.

I don't need the 20"s

I would want an exhaust with a box ram packed full of Rice Krispies for Snap, Crackle and Pops on command / demand

I don't need better seats.

Gimme a reprogrammed dsg? sure!

Track mode with the 155 limiter disconnected for those we hired a runway days 😎👍

I do like the lower stance

But please please please can I have the eco mode message system sent to silicon heaven (where all the dead calculators go) where it shall ne'er be seen again.

Save the HALDEX! 😁
Oct 6, 2022
Finally got my (non-inlfammable) engine cover from my dealer and noted the new ABT jobbie so had a snoop. Thanks for the above comments as I was about to raid my savings again!I traded to a top spec VZ3 (from a 2015 B8 RS4) 2 years ago and was underwhelmed - my own fault! Took it to RichterSport to be dropped, + 60 bhp and ABT exhaust fitted = £5.5K which made it the right car. Love the idea of the Ak box and Cup seats but not at that price! I have a great daily driver, in warranty and fun on the twisties and wife none the wiser :) Happy wife etc etc etc


May 10, 2022
ABT upgrade + springs = 3500 eur, thats too much I believe for a 60 hp gain, but so far ABT and MTM (a bit cheaper but in a similar fashion, i.e. via tuning box and not ICU reprogramming) appear to be the only viable solution.
Revo does it for abt 500 eur, same gains, but with reprogramming, I think I will try it when warranty runs out.
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