Cupra 290 on order for September, require a competitive quote.

Jun 21, 2020
Wondering if anyone can help me. Currently drive a 330bhp Modified Fiesta ST and have been with adrian flux for 3 or 4 years. I've got a Cupra 290 on order for September and was wondering if anyone could help out with a quote for me. I rang up this Week and was quoted over £2000 to change my policy vehicle to a placeholder 2019 Cupra 290, the girl said that she would put me on some sort of list to be called back by certain underwriters to see if they could beat it but I haven't heard back. I've been on comparison sites, checked with direct line and a few others but the cheapest I'm able to get at the moment is £1400 with eSure. Being that I currently pay £783 a year for my Fiesta (everything declared with 4 years experience at this power), I'm fairly sure I should be able to get a better price than that. I dare say that I would be eligible to a wider range of insurers when the car arrives as I will have turned 25 by then, so perhaps it's best not to worry about a much higher premium right now (being 24)

Basic policy details are:

4 Yrs NCB
Licence held 6+ years
3 Points, SP30, No ban.

Appreciate your response.

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