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Cupra Centres


Active Member
Feb 26, 2009
North Yorkshire
Different coloured tiles, CUPRA branding of a dedicated area of the showroom, CUPRA accessories on display, an obligation to have every model available for test drives, that much more...
Tiles.....are you talking floor tiles? .....wow, a dedicated area.....wow..... accessories.....wow (do Seat dealers know what are available yet? or what are standard?..... every model available for test drives sounds good, how many are there?

Action Man

Active Member
Mar 24, 2019
Didn't Ford try this in the 80's ..... sorry to anyone who is under 40 who only know of the 80's from school history lessons... anyway ford tried it with the RS models.... you could only get them serviced at RS dealers, but you could buy them from any ford dealer..... people in cities didn't care...people in the countryside were miffed ..... I'd say it was more to do with Ford having to train fitters and supply equipment to dealers more than it was to try to be exclusive or summat...... but now it's more a marketing tool to keep the business going.
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