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Cupra overheating


VW Commercial Technician
Sep 4, 2006
Near Sheffield
There are other VAG vehicles that have the same design, get a part number from seat then try other dealers should be able to get from other VAG dealers.


Money = Power!
Dec 9, 2006
Tamworth (West Mids)
i would get a new fuse holder myself as its likly to hapen again and lead to overheating and bigger probs!

Fuse holder was £35 from my local seat parts department.

Part number: 1J0937617A


LIGHTNING STRIKES IN 3's........be warned.

Driving home tonight, engaged what i thought was third gear, clutch felt a bit funny, tried to change gear coming up to traffic lights, realised there was no clutch pedal!! It had got stuck, so i pulled over, hazards, and tried to pull it back....SNAP.

Either the linkage is snapped or something more serious.

AA man has just towed car to garage, and ill wait to see what the damage is tomorrow.

Seat Ibiza Cupra = SH!TE at the moment. Not impressed.


Ex - Ibiza Cupra
Apr 11, 2006
Can someone please tell me how you get the thing off?????

Need to know the power rating of the battery so that they can order the correct one?
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