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Plug-in hybrid technology has shown that electrification is part of CUPRA’s DNA, and the range of vehicles that benefit from the technology has grown to encapsulate a large part of the brand’s range. But CUPRA is taking it further.

CUPRA Terramar

By 2024, the line-up of plug-in hybrid models will include even more options and will have a greater range.

CUPRA Terramar

Joining the team is the CUPRA Terramar, a sports SUV that pays homage to Terramar, Sitges, combining bold...

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The images look alright.

Reckon 2024 is too early for me to replace the Ateca
. Got plenty of life in it yet.

Bit more about the three line up here...

Reckon by 2030 they will have sorted out mib3
. Probably mib5 and twiddle knobs and button. Will sit out mib4.
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