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Digital Cockpit Fault


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Aug 18, 2016
Hey All,

I have an 18 Plate Seat Leon Cupra 300 DSG.
Recently I have been having a problem where after driving the car for a period of time, stopping briefly (for example to go into a shop), then when starting the car the Digital Cockpit would be totally blank, the car would show a red warning light and also an engine warning light.

I have read the fault codes using Carista and it shows the following codes:-
Instrument Cluster
16777018 - Function restricted due to interrupted communications
16777022 - Function Restriction due to Interrupted Communications (BAP_NAV SD_0x32 keine Kommunikation)

Infotainment System

Obviously some of these codes aren't massively helpful and don't produce much in the way of results online. Has anyone else experienced this problem or does anyone know what the fault may be?

Many Thanks


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Feb 22, 2020
There is a software update for the Digital Cockpit, also update the firmware of your navigation unit. Note: Digital Cockpit firmware takes really long to update it! Let the dealership do it for you..

Skoda has the same problem...
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