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Discrete phone holder recommendations


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Jul 23, 2020
Hi guys, only just got my cupra 300 but have noticed that there's no way I can store my phone in the intended place and have it connected for android auto, the note 10 plus is just too big to have plugged in. I considered a right angle usb connector but there's not even enough room for one of those so I'm a little bit stuck.

I don't need the phone on display, I just want it out of the way but with the cable plugged in. Ideally I would find something that simply attaches to the side of the centre console that I can just drop my phone in and attach the magnetic USB cable, has anyone ever come across something like this?

Damo H

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Oct 3, 2012
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I got myself a Brodit clip, but wasn’t a fan of the Brodit phone holders. So for a good 2 years with my 280, I adapted a magnetic air vent mount (ie removed the rubber cover and magnets) and stuck them to the Brodit clip, I had a case with space for a little metal sleeve. Worked perfectly.



However shortly after getting the Carbon Edition, I got some wireless charging bits given to me, so the case didn’t allow for charging. So I bought a wireless charging phone mount (again for an air vent). Just cut the air vent mount off the back so it was flat and again stuck to the Brodit Clip.

Can’t seem to find a good photo in my phone though:

Now I’ve made my own wireless charger to sit in the Little cubby under the AC controls just awaiting the finished cover and the wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle:

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Jun 22, 2019
I use two magnetic ventilation holders for the phones and one magnetic in the windshield for my dragy.

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Jul 23, 2020
Thanks for your suggestions so far guys, I've got a couple of the magnetic holders but having a plate on the case then means I can't wirelessly charge so it's not really ideal.
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