Dump Valve Springs


Ibiza Cupra R
Dec 10, 2008
Hi guys well as I have boost issues i'm just looking at every angle

I took my Forge 007P off tonight and put on my standard DV to make sure it wasn't leaking.

First thing i noticed is my standard DV was doing the chatter which indicated I put it the wrong way round which is fine. Now when I turn my 007P is just makes the same sounds regardless of which way round it is, why is this?

Now when I took my 007P off I noticed that it was very easy to push the piston in, so looked on the forge website to read this:

If you are finding that the valve is dumping more than required or you are loosing boost pressure it is normally an indication that a stronger spring is required.

Now mine is loosing boost and dumps very easily, just wondering if this could be my problem. Has anyone else changed the spring on theres with similar mods i.e stage 1 remap?



Rollin' on 20s
Jan 3, 2005
I went through various springs on mine to decide which was best... Stage 1 and 2 I used the yellow spring...was the way forward for me... I think the IHI had a red spring.. but not sure... :)


been thinking of changing mine to see if can hold boost for a bit longer
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