e-Hybrid - bypass the "50% charge" limit?

Jul 8, 2024
Hi anyone who has a Cupra (or indeed, a Seat) e-Hybrid or any model. Does anyone know of a way to bypass or just disable the "charge to 50% or less" thing on the e-Manager menu?

I know it will charge to 100% when you set a schedule, and my car does charge up to 100% "just in time" for my preset departure time.

But if I want to charge the all the way to 100% before my setting off time, it won't let me. The max setting on the slider is 50% (as I'm sure e-Hybrid people will know).

I don't want to faff around and change the departure time, just so I can (one time) charge to 100%, I just want to be able to plug the car in, and the battery will start charging immediately, and carry on until it reaches 100%, rather than stopping at 50%, then trickle-charging up to 100% just in time for the programmed departure time.

On VW Golf GTE (7.5), which is obviously very similar technology, it would just charge all the way up to 100%, regardless of my pre-programmed departure time. That would mean, should I suddenly need a full battery, I could just charge up to max straight away. It's really annoying that Cupra have put this 50% limit in the battery manager menu.

I guess it's some reason to protect the battery's long term life, forcing you to trickle charge for the remaining 50%, but sometimes I just want to get the battery charged up to 100% straight away.

Is there any sort of secret menu option? Or maybe some sort of (easy) OBDEleven/VCDS type coding hack?

Or maybe I'm just missing something obvious?

Jul 8, 2024
Well, for the record …

Nobody has replied with any suggestions, so I‘ve researched it myself, and I don’t think this can be changed. There must be some (annoying) reason why it’s been set this way.

My research suggests this is the same for the Golf 8 GTE also - you can’t charge above 50% before the set time. So I guess it’s a VAG thing, rather than a Seat/Cupra thing, so there must be some engineering reason for it, probably to preserve long-term battery life, via trickle charging.
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