Escort RS Cosworth Paint Correction Detail - 500BHP Beast


50 Years of 911
Jun 27, 2005
This car is no ordinary Escort RS, this is a 500BHP and 480lb/ft RS with one of the biggest turbo chargers I have ever seen! Here is a picture of the engine bay.


[email protected] has done all the work to this beautiful machine however it has had a very hard life indeed. The engine has been in and out more times than I have had hot dinners and at one point during the engine rebuild it has been sitting in AmD Essex workshop for a year. This means that the car fumes from the rolling road have had their fun with the paint work. There was a brown tinge to the whole car that hasn’t been captured I the pictures due to time constraints thus meaning I didn’t have much time to take lots of pictures.

The AP Brakes had very aggressive pads so the wheels were caked in brake dust, metal filings etc..Unfortunately the wheels weren’t cleaned the contaminants have been eating away into the alloys for a while now.

Kenny and I both knew that this was a pretty big job. I made it clear that due to the condition it needed a two stage detail. I spent 4 hours cleaning the wheels and body work before the machine and polish even touched the car. I then spent a further 5 hours on the paint work.

Wash n Drying
Megs NXT Gen Shampoo
Meguairs All Purpose Cleaner
Valet Pro Snowfoam
Super Plush Drying Towel
Meguairs and Chemical Guys microfibres

Body Work
Sonus Clay
Meguairs Last Touch Quick Detailer
Autosmart Tardis
Menzerna Power Polish (PO 106FA)
Dodo Juice Lime Prime

Sealants and Waxes
Chemical Guys Blitz Spray

Plastics, Rubbers and Glass
Valet Pro Vinyl & Rubber Care
Autoglym Glass Cleaner

Meguiars G220 mk2 machine polisher
Karcher Pressure washer
Snow foam Lance
Myriad of foam applicators
Menzerna Heavy Polishing Pad and Sonus Light Polishing pad.
Swissvax Detail Brush
Meguiars Wheel Spoke Brush
3M 3434 Masking Tape


1. Clean Arches with Megs APC and Chemical Guys Degreaser
2. Clean alloy wheels and tyre wall with a mixture of Bilberry Wheel Cleaner and Megs APC.
3. Scrub callipers with Vikan wheel brush as best as possible
4. Wash with Shampoo and rinse wheels with pressure washer
5. Snow Foamed car
6. Clean plastics and rubber with megs APC using swissvax brush
7. Washed car with Megs NXT Shampoo
8. Wash car again and dry with drying towels.
9. Tape the car up
10. Clean exterior car with Autoglym Glass Polish
11. Use Lime Prime on the wheels. (Didn’t seal them as they need a refurb)
12. Machine car with Menzerna polish. First Stage
13. Machine Car with Dodo Juice LP. Second Stage
14. Apply Wax/Sealant product. 2 Coats of Blitz.
15. Treat all plastics and rubbers
16. Final inspection and tidy up

Early start was required, turned up at AmD Essex at 8am.

This is how the car looked when I turned up.




The front wheels where is bad shape and but thankfully the rears where fine.


Cleaning Wheels - nightmare



As you can see the combination of Bilberry and Megs APC made hardly any difference.

In the end after an hour of trying all the wheel cleaners I had with very strong mixes I got a washing pad and scrubbed away. It all came off the underneath was almost matt. I polished them up with Lime Prime which brought back some of the shine. Agreed with Kenny that they need to be refurb OR he will take them off one day and I will try and machine the matt sections to see what effect it would have.


50 Years of 911
Jun 27, 2005



Car is then rinsed after 7 minutes.

I left the car wet and got straight onto claying stage using Sonus Green Clay Bard and Megs Last touch as lubricant. The picture below was the cleanest part of the car! You can imagine how bad the other parts were. Needless to say this got rid of the brown tinge the whole car had.


Washed, Dried and taken inside



Car Taped up


Unfortunately I had no time to take any before and afters. The car needed a lot of work doing in a short space of time. Needless to say under the lights the car was full of swirls. The clearcoat was pretty soft so 106FA work really really well when matched with a Menzerna Heavy Polishing Pad. Although it got rid of 95% of the swirls there was some RDS mainly on the bonnet section. For the second stage I used Lime Prime to nurish the paint and give back some depth. I can’t stress enough how amazing LP is with a machine – it’s got great correction abilities and really does give clarity and depth. Best way to describe it – its like having a cold beer on a really hot day, hits the spot nicely Or it’s like taking a dip in a cool river after walking through a desert…OR its like having the best juiciest steak ever.


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Sep 28, 2006
nice work :clap:

nice car also!
agreed, thats a large turbo :cartman:
you'd think with a turbo that size and no doundt an intake to match, the exhaust would have been of similar diameter?


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Jul 3, 2008
Very nice work Maz on a lovely car. your standards are very high which explains why you won at the nat meet. Despite your misgivings i had a feeling you would.


50 Years of 911
Jun 27, 2005
Looking superb! Good work yet again Maz! Your'll be jacking that IT job in at no time at this rate.... ;)
Need a lot more of them to give up the IT job :)

Awsome stuff, Maz. I love the Escort Cossie :D

You willing to travel to Newcastle?
Cheers mate. I would but to be fair you would be better of getting someone closer to you as it would work out cheaper?

Very nice work Maz on a lovely car. your standards are very high which explains why you won at the nat meet. Despite your misgivings i had a feeling you would.
Cheers mate, really appreciate it.

Maz you'll have to do the Evo before it goes away
Sure Gaz, PM me when your ready.

Looking amazing as always. :)
Cheers mate. :)


50 Years of 911
Jun 27, 2005
seen alot of your work on here looks like you put alot of effort and care into it at the same time as getting job satisfaction.
would like to have my car done one day to see how that comes out your work is very professional keep it up.
Thank you for the kind words. Yea I get a lot of satisfaction from doing it and I get even more when the person is happy with the results.

What a beast! Now it's got a shine to match.

Did you take it for a spin?
Cheers Al.

Nope he is still bedding in the new engine so not yet.


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May 27, 2009
i saw the car down there when i got my cupra remapped and it did look minging and not washed in years but boyyyyyyyyyyyyy you have done the work on that m8y.hat off to ya ;)
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