European Mib2 High / Plus Map Release for November 2020


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I may just wait for lockdown to end and then a road trip for a few days!

Thanks for the info! 😁😁

I always have done that myself when I've had the FeC adjusted so you can check everything is fine before heading home. The test with updated maps is that it's got to continue the destination after starting it off for more than 30 seconds. Slaps up an error message if the navigation FeC doesnt allow the map update. The life long FeC if you get that there will be no issue with.
If you got traffic sign recognition check the warnings occur after a traffic sign read in mph, not kph. The rogue Croydon based one got mine warning in kph, not amused, took them all day to sort out after leaving twice and having to call back. Think that was because they messed up their procedures. If you haven't got TSR you wouldn't know. First time they updated the FeC they got TSR right but only gave me 12 months on the FeC value. That's the complaint about the Croydon outfit.

Also check that traffic warnings are shown. That's more I think if you get the firmware updated at the same time, first time installation they have to set a VCDS parameter to enable. @Walone told me about that one. I checked for that.

So I had my crib sheet to check that it was seeing road works / traffic reports before I left and the navigation wasn't locking up after 30 seconds. You can check the navigation FeC yourself before heading home now we know which one to look at (073 one). If you got 360 degree cameras / Top View I believe the camera alignment is held in the unit. Mine has survived the updates. They did back up the units settings which is how they got TSR working again restoring the back from a year earlier.

Once you got the navigation FeC updated you can then do your own six monthly map updates in June and November. No problems.

As said people on the board are happy with the East Yorkshire people.