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EVO mag group test

Simon L

Audi TTS
Sep 24, 2004
I was reading EVO mag this week, specifically the group test of the new CTR, Focus ST, Meganne R26, Leon FR, Astra VXR and Golf GTI. The 0-100 was quite surprising:

CTR: 17.5
Focus: 16.3
Meganne: 16.0
Leon: 17.7
VXR: 17.4
Golf: 17.9

My Cupra hits 100 in around 14.6, and its basically standard with a remap.

This afternoon on the Mway i came across a MK5 GTI Golf, i did not instigate the fun, he dropped a few gears and hurried away from me. I caught up and had to lift off as he wouldnt move out the way. This was all done at silly speeds, where i thought the Golf would easily pull away. :banned:

Has anyone else, with just a remap came across any of the other above cars and came off the better? Or are these times a bit suspect?


sarcasm comes free
Site Owner
May 19, 2001
Clanfield, UK
they're all cars way above the Mk3 in class/size/weight

and it's not all about bhp/tonne as well, gearing plays a huge part


Bring on the Boooooost
Nov 19, 2005
Redditch (Midlands)
i had a bit of a play with a brand new ctr the other day......side by side and neither of us could pull away from one another!!!! damn it!!!!!!!

nick s

256bhp & 282lbs/ft
Dec 9, 2005
i love embarrasing those breed of new hot hatch :D problem is, like the cupra, because some of those are turbo, £500 and there pushing 40-50bhp up on there standard figures, then it's a different matter and there's now ay to tell!

i came accross a stage 3 pumaspeed RS focus the other day 310bhp+ according to the driver! quick as fcuk! gave me a very hard time and had to cane the absolute b0llocks out my cupra to keep near it :eek:
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