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  1. Ptronic Box for 1.5 TSI EVO

    Has anyone tried this for their 1.5 TSI EVO or any other chip mod? I have had my car since June and have done 9000 miles. My 10k/year PCP isn't looking too great! I have had it in sports mode since I got it, apart from a couple of long drives from London to Scotland so I'm fully used to the...
  2. andreww

    Hankook Ventus V12 Evo k110 Tyres-thoughts..

    After reading quite a few reviews around the web I decided to try some 'budget' tyres. I say budget as they were around £125 for 2 of them from camskill (16" -for my FR 20VT with Revo Stage 1 map). So far so good, on the way back from getting them fitted I was on a very very muddy narrow...
  3. ZBOYD

    Std Mk1 LCR required for EVO mag photo-shoot - Friday 29th Jan

    Nope this is not a wind-up. :) Care of SEAT UK I have been contacted by Brett from EVO Magazine. EVO need to urgently get their hands on a cosmetically 'un-modified' Mk1 Leon Cupra R (either 210 or 225) for a photo-shoot that is taking place this Friday (29th Jan). They are doing a used car...
  4. Evo 10 calipers for LCR?

    Brembo's on my LCR are looking a bit worn and I've come across a full set of Evo 10 calipers (front and rear with pads) for a good price so I'm wondering if if anyone has ever tried fitting these or know if they will fit?
  5. 225

    new R in this months EVO

    They went to the launch and drove it round the roads of spain. Only a short review as they had a big review for the new megane before it. Basically they said it rode better than the cupra was quick but was a "painting by numbers car" and the fact it looked exactly like a cupra etc was a...
  6. 225

    Bocanegra in EVO

    The liked the styling but were a bit disapointed its basically a cupra/FR with a few stlying bits. They drove both the cupra and FR and said there was a noticeable difference in straight line pace but the FR handled better as the cupra suspension was too stiff and relied on the tyres too much...
  7. Evo 9 FMIC on a Leon Cupra????

    Hi, i have just been offered an FMIC quite cheap off of an Evo 9. Anyone reckon it will be ok to fit to the 1.8t? Let me know otherwise, as im only thinking to get it, as its cheap.
  8. Moley RUFC

    This months Evo

    Check out my letter on page 61, flying the Seat flag after one of the chaps running a MeganeSport dci as a long-termer proclaimed 'nobody has done a sporty diesel number, apart from BMW, Toyota and Renault. Least mine hasn't got an ass like Vanessa Feltz........
  9. Donnyboy

    -- Hankook V12 Evo or Uniroyal Rainsport 2's --

    Anyone used any of these tyres on their Mk2 Leon??? I can get a good price on them so was wondering if any of you have used them? I put Rainsport 1's on a car years ago and they were outstanding in the wet and dry. Only problem was wear but I don't do alot of miles now... about 7k a year. Want...
  10. Tire size on a 16inch evo rim

    I currently have 205/45/16 but would like to have a less wide tire. I don't like how the wide tire makes the car feel unstable on bad Belgian highways. Breaking in wet will probably also improve with narrower tires. There is also a small price difference per tire in favor of the narrow ones...
  11. evo2345

    Evo2345 Ibiza FR 20vt

    Heres what the car looked like when i got it Cupra kit fitted and Wheels [/IMG] couple of engine mods (dynatwist now gone) [/IMG] More pictures to follow, with Bonnet bra fitted, MS design skirts fitted, colour coded side strips
  12. Becks

    Becks Blue Leon Cupra - Finally a pic with white mirror caps

    I bought my cupra in April 07 and have changed a few bits since i've had it. I previously owned two MK2 Golf Gtis so the leon was a big change to say the least. Anyways here is the list of mods as it stands now - LCR splitter - Cupra badge on the front grille - BMC Carbon induction...
  13. Tam

    Evo Mag mentions seatcupra.net

    Unfortunately it was because they were looking for a solution to sorting out the rubbish sound from the standard (or in their case - satnav) system. As they mention (and as we already know!) the best thing to do is replace the speakers, however because their car is seat's rather then their...
  14. Tam

    Evo mag get a Red Cupra

    The guy that had the Astra VXR now has the Cupra, so will be interesting to see how the two compare over time. First impressions: Doesn't like the understated looks Doesn't really like the cheap looking interior. Suspension is even harder than the old Leon they had (with the body kit)...
  15. ihi vs Evo's

    How does stage 3 ihi power compare against top end Evo's such as an FQ360 or an FQ400?? Im talking about a typical encounter on a dual carriageway etc where traction isnt really an issue.
  16. 225

    Cupra in this months evo

    It was one of the cars in the road and track car 2007 test. General feeling were, its quick in straight line (quicker than a Megane R26) but corners were a bit of an issue with turn in. Good chassis though. Looks were a bit MPVish and not a criticism as such, it was a bit dull apparently...
  17. Bogwoppit

    Evo magazine - Ibiza Cupra group test.

    The latest copy of Evo magazine (May 2007) has just dropped through my letter box. It has a group test of the following cars; Mini Cooper S, Vauxhall Corsa VXR, Renault Cio 197 and the Ibiza Cupra 1.8T. Thought it might interest a few members.
  18. Cupra pic back of evo mag 4 pots?

    Am I seeing right--it looks like the yellow Cupra on the back page has somekind of 4 pots fitted at the front? Is it a clever camera angle or is it an option I have missed?
  19. EVO mag group test

    I was reading EVO mag this week, specifically the group test of the new CTR, Focus ST, Meganne R26, Leon FR, Astra VXR and Golf GTI. The 0-100 was quite surprising: CTR: 17.5 Focus: 16.3 Meganne: 16.0 Leon: 17.7 VXR: 17.4 Golf: 17.9 My Cupra hits 100 in around 14.6, and its basically...
  20. Bogwoppit

    Evo magazine Leon FR group test (March 2007)

    Thought this might interest a few Leon FR owners, this months Evo has just come through the letter box. Hot hatch group test, New Civic Type R v Focus ST v Megane 226 v Leon FR v Astra VXR v Golf GTi. They have strapped timing gear on all the cars, acceleration times, top speeds and track...
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