1. 225

    EVO running Leon TDi as fleet car

    Not an FR but a std TDi with DSG and the body kit. Looks nice but 23k!
  2. LiCkWiD

    Cupra vs. Evo 5

    Morning all. Been looking at the price of Evo 4/5s on Pistonheads and im suprised by what you get for a cool £7,000. We often see threads and posts about Impreza encounters in Cupra R's and the like.. but I was wondering. What is the chances of being able to out-do an Evo 5 in a Cupra/Cupra...
  3. Leon Cupra in EVO

    Just to let you all know that the Cupra is reviewed in this months EVO.... Black one, looks good but needs the options body kit though. They said: 4 1/2 stars + Great engine, impressive composure - Lacks the adjustability of the old Cupra R Nice to see that the Boys at EVO are a...
  4. New Evo Racing Suspension Kit Seat Leon

    found this on ebay, has any one tired these out of heard good/bad comments on this? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-EVO-RACING-SUSPENSION-KIT-SEAT-LEON_W0QQitemZ160046030388QQihZ006QQcategoryZ40192QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  5. EVO V FLOW induction kit

    http://www.vag-tuner.com/acatalog/Golf_Mk4_intake.html Anyone has these on a Leon Cupra? I know the price is a bit steep but the power gains they've quoted is impressive and it looks superb. Any peeps can give a bit more info on this please as I am seriously considering getting one of these...
  6. markoos

    review of new fr in evo

    There's a very favourable review of the new fr in this month's evo-4 stars.Basically revolves around the fact that its 3 grand cheaper than the golf gti,with the only downside being the interior feeling a bit cheaper than the golf but still well put together,and suspension set-up a bit softer.
  7. ibiza-cupra

    very quick evo

    last night coming home from r kids in doncaster i happened to drop on an evo at the lights,i can tell you it had a black boot spoiler and little fins accross the roof and a huge exhaust,dont know what model it was:confused: anyway it went on for a couple of miles and he couldnt get by me:D...
  8. Rob Huff's Evo FQ400 stolen from Santa Pod today.

    Thread on Lancer Register saying his car TWOC'd today at the Pod (Jap Show) He's only had it 4 months too.
  9. SEAT IBIZA EVO SUSPENSION KIT - Any one got one of these or know bout them?

    hello, i saw this SEAT IBIZA EVO SUSPENSION KIT http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SEAT-IBIZA-EVO-SUSPENSION-KIT_W0QQitemZ8066091646QQcategoryZ40192QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem on ebay and was wondering if any one had got it or ever heard of them? cz i thort it was pretty cheap so didnt know if it was jst...
  10. B19_TSH

    evo 8 intercooler....

    would an evo 8 intercooler fit a cupra? found one for sale and wondered if it would fit ok? also what price would you say is fair for one in used but good condition and will it improve performance a great deal? cheers, Tom
  11. EVO review of 2006 Ibiza Cupra

    SEAT Ibiza Cupra SEAT's hot hatch gets some plastic surgery espite its 'new' tag, the 2006 model-year SEAT Ibiza isn't that new at all. It's just been freshened-up, with new wheels, bumpers, tailpipes, twin headlights and an improved interior. The 178bhp 1.8-litre turbo engine of...
  12. Beaker™

    Anyone In Gloucestershire Race An EVO Recently?

    Parked up in Tesco in Quedgeley yesterday and as i got out the car a guy pulled up in a 4x4 and asked if i have raced an EVO recently, which i havnt. He said he & his mate had a race with a yellow Cupra and got beaten bad! :p Since then they've been trying to track the owner down to find out...
  13. cupra_matt

    EVO Sheild Comments.

    Iam well on my way to upgrading the ibiza, ive just got hold of a brandnew K03s, will be ordering my FMIC and sports cat next week and i was wondering if the EVo Sheild is worth while? any comments are appriciated, And also can anyone think of anythin else i will need on top of the following...
  14. Knigh

    Slayed by Evo

    On Tuesday on the M1 came up behind a Evo VIII and wondered if I could keep up with this guy if he tried to pull away. Big mistake!! We came out of some road works and he gunned it and left me standing. Thought I would at least have a bit of a chance between 40 and ... I won't be doing that...
  15. jake

    mitsi evo 3,4,5,6,7,8......40 u get the pic

    how does the lcr (210) compare to the great mitsi evos could it keep up, or could it possibly pass some of the older one :whistle:
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