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Hankook Ventus V12 Evo k110 Tyres-thoughts..


Active Member
Mar 31, 2008
Cornwall and Cheltenham
After reading quite a few reviews around the web I decided to try some 'budget' tyres.
I say budget as they were around £125 for 2 of them from camskill (16" -for my FR 20VT with Revo Stage 1 map).

So far so good, on the way back from getting them fitted I was on a very very muddy narrow Cornish lane and had to break quite hard, I was impressed how well the car stopped.

I went for a bit of a drive around the Forest of Dean last weekend, there are a few nice bends that are in the middle of nowhere so ideal for testing understeer, the tyres seemed to be fine, no drama.

I can only assume they are not quite as good as the Rainsport 2's I had on last, however driving so far I have not really noticed much difference as yet. So far they seem to be as good as the slightly more expensive rubber, easily as good as Toyo T1-R's in my opinion.

I have since spoken to a couple of people who sell tyres and they say Hankook tyres are good, they were not surprised to hear these new V12's were performing well.

If you want to try something new give the V12's a go. I would be interested to hear other peoples opinions on these tyres.
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Ad Lav

Nov 10, 2006
Had them on the vRS for 4k miles before buying 17's - they were pretty good, i'd give them a go again but got Yokohama's now :)


Fool member
Mar 24, 2009
I`ve had some Hankooks before and I rate them highly... nice V-groove in those ones Andrew [B)] Always like to have them on the front, best pattern in the wet I`ve found.


FR - gone, not forgotten
Mar 17, 2008
It's fair to say I won't be buying Toyo T1-R's again.
after reading many reviews most determine the new hankooks as a summer tyre which are highly rated daily-use tyres, however, not as good performing in spirited drives. most say they're quiet and comfortable with decent road feedback

these tyres lose grip earlier than performance-designed tyres through bends and are slightly harder compound, so less sticky when warmed up

although they are still highly rated for a mid-market tyre (wouldn't call them budget)

the T1R's are performance-orientated tyres and have been proven to be used as a decent track tyre (although the R888's are supposedly one of the best around). The T1R's only downfall is their life of roughly 15k miles, but i got roughly the same with the P-Zero's

the T1R's are also very quiet and comfortable with excellent feedback, although they perform the best in either hot or wet weather (they don't like damp, cold, any type of 'in-between' conditions), not bad in the snow either ;)


Active Member
Mar 31, 2008
Cornwall and Cheltenham
That's interesting about the T1-R's, they are more of a specific use/conditions tyre, I don't do track days and generally drive steadily, the extra stopping power/grip of the V12's will suit me better on wet/muddy lanes. I went around the Nurburgring last year with Rainsport 2's on I'm sure the V12's will be fine also for the 1 lap stop for a bit let the car cool down approach.

Ol' Timer

Full Member
Jun 20, 2004
I have only just found this thread. I had four Hankook Ventus V12 Evo k110 tyres fitted by my local independent fitters yesterday for £260 all in. They rate them highly for the money and so far I am impressed. They are quite quiet, give a comfortable ride and seem to grip well. The steering seems responsive too. I wait to see how they perform in the rain and how well they wear but so far they are looking good.


Active Member
Apr 13, 2008
I have had mine for a few thousand miles now.

I've had toyos and the hankooks are easily as good in the dry but much better in the wet (I always found toyos crap in the wet) they are a performance tyre from hankook, the only thing budget about them is the price.


i rate them very highly in dry and wet conditions, good tread wear and at a excellent price.
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