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Evo mag get a Red Cupra


Santa in disguise :)
Feb 10, 2005
Near Reevo :)
The guy that had the Astra VXR now has the Cupra, so will be interesting to see how the two compare over time.

First impressions:
Doesn't like the understated looks
Doesn't really like the cheap looking interior.

Suspension is even harder than the old Leon they had (with the body kit) which he slates a bit, but then he raves about it going round the corners so much quicker than he could even imagine the Astra being able to do.

Likes the fact the accelerator is floor mounted great for "heel-toeing".

More in the next months issue no doubt.


Feb 1, 2004
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EVO Magazine new cupra on fast fleet

Got my copy of EVO in this morning,they've got a new Cupra on their fast fleet.A few comparisons to the Astra VXR had me wondering at first-
"I cant help but think...lagging behind in terms of visual impact"
then as I read further on-
"..going to be no shortage of excitement..."
Sounds fairly promising then...
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