1. Woody_72

    My 2014 Lima green Leon FR 184 diesel.

    Not my first mod but one I saw on here recently and thought looked pretty cool, red tinted rear lights: It was pretty easy to do. I bought a sheet of red window tinting film from Amazon for £8.49 which arrived today and got stuck in. I drew a template on each segment of light with a marker...
  2. CriscoBoi

    My New Ibiza FR

    I just picked up my New Ibiza FR MK5 about a week ago and so far I have had the Rear windows tinted and changed a few bulbs, I'm looking for other things to do to it.
  3. SpiderWelsh

    2009 Leon FR (probably Pre FL) Newb

    Hi All, I have just bought a Leon as per the Subject line. Not had it yet as I blagged a cambelt and water pump change out of the dealer. Already bought my first upgrade in the form of a Kenwood DNX520VBT, so hopefully I can install that without too much fuss and have the most upto date car...
  4. saveoursouls

    MK2 Leon 1.9 TDI 2007

    Recently purchased a Leon, I’ve wanted a project car for a long time and the Leon has the right mix of practicality and looks. Bought as stock, idea was to invest in an unmodified car initially and build it up over time. Car has full service history, 112k miles, no major issues. Paid £2050 after...
  5. Gavin's red Leon Cupra TDI (finally!)

  6. picked up red lc today

    picked my 04 lc today very impressed its got 90k with full dealer history, it drives like a 50k car I love it. orded front and rear wiper upgrade exhaust is next but unsure what to go for meiltek seams very popular and do i go cat back non res oval exit???? think the lc looks good on rs6...
  7. George 3G

    Picture Request - Your Flash Red / Emocion Red LCR

    Please post photos of your Flash Red or Emocion Red LCR, stating which colour it is. Clean / dirty or sunny / shady photos, anything Thanks! George
  8. Cassie07

    Ibiza Cupra TDI in Emocion Red :-p

    Hi guys Bought the Cupra about 6 months ago as standard. Some pics of how it looked then and how it looks now! Still a few more things I'd like to do... Hope you like :p Advert After a clean and private plate Painted alloys gloss black and exhaust matte black, colour coded...
  9. Paint code for Dakota Red

    Does anyone know the paint code for dakota red on the bocanegras? as some twat taxi driver scraped my rear bumber the other day and want it all sprayed up.
  10. Art0ir

    Painting a red lip on alloy wheels..

    Absolutely sick to death of the white rims now :lol: They are an absolute nightmare to keep clean!! I had them spotless, I mean spotess last Sunday morning. 80 miles and 2 hours later at a show, they were bloody bogging :cry: So, gonna paint them black with a red lip around the edge. Any...
  11. Cupra Steve

    New Cupra (red with K1 kit)

    Ive had this car for about 3 weeks now and spent about 2 hours cleaning it this morning so thought id put a few photos on here to see what you all think..... (this is the 1st time ive tried adding photos to a link so hope it works!!!) :funk:
  12. Red Leon's with black mags: please post pics

    guys, i re-sprayed my mags matte black as i messed the one rim on the highway a week or so back..decided to do them all this time round. now i dunno if its looks as good as i thought it would nor as nice as the red Leon's i've seen on this forum. pls post pictures of your red Leon so i may...
  13. red door handles

    hi everyone need some advice i currently have black door handles on the outside of my ibiza but wanting to get red colour coded ones can i buy these from dealer or do i have to paint them myself also how easy are they to fit
  14. HuckingFell

    My Red mk2 Leon Cupra

    So after owning the car for about six months and the fact that I cleaned it properly for the first time at the weekend, thought it about time I put up some photos to see what you guys think. The cars a 57 plate currently with about 30.5k miles, I’ve put about 4k on since I’ve had it. It’s...
  15. Pic Request - Red Leon & RS4 Rims?

    Has anyone got 18" RS4's (Newer Version) on a Red Leon? I'm jumping the gun a tad here as i haven't even found a car yet, but my Dad has a set of really nice RS4 rims in his garage and said i can have them when i get my Leon - Thinking of a Red one so would love to get an idea of the wheels...
  16. ets2k9

    My Flash Red LCR

    Hi, Thought I would start a thread as the car is coming on nicely now and I'm quite obsessed with it.:D I put the deposit down on it in Dec 09 but as I was having problems shifting my Mini Cooper S I wasn't able to pick it up until Jan 10 - I haven't got much patience at the best of times...
  17. Flashing Red Light

    Hi all, Need some advice/help please. Started car (Ibiza Cupra 2002) this morning and having driven 100 yards the red light on the temperature guage started flashing accompanied by several beeps. Switched the engine off and on again and it hasnt come back on! Anyone got any ideas potentially...
  18. Red Cupra R Faiding paint

    Hi, I've just sold my Ibiza FR and still have the Seat bug, I've spotted a 2005 Leon Cupra R in red that im interested in. However having owned a 2002 Leon Cupra in Ovni yellow prior to the Ibiza it suffered terribly from fading (a common issue), i'm also aware it affects red quite badly too...
  19. '01 Red Ibiza Cupra

    I have bought this little beauty after selling my 200bhp+ TDI Bora. Plans are: White Compomotive MOs Coilovers Milltek with 3" DP Decat KO4 Water Injection MRC Custom Map Pics will follow later...
  20. my red mk3 cupra

    Hi, About 6 months ago i bought my lovely red cupra, it took me months to find a good one out there not too over priced and not too abused, i bought it completely standard and over the months i have slowly made it wat it is, its miles away from what i would like it to be but its a good start...
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