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This months Evo

Moley RUFC

Up in the Lickeys........
Nov 20, 2006
Check out my letter on page 61, flying the Seat flag after one of the chaps running a MeganeSport dci as a long-termer proclaimed 'nobody has done a sporty diesel number, apart from BMW, Toyota and Renault.

Least mine hasn't got an ass like Vanessa Feltz........


Back from the dead
Proof in nothing else that you pay good money for a car mag and the writers have less depth of knowledge than many forum members. OK, so you can't be an expert of everything, but you should get your facts straight before making bold claims like that. It's not like SEAT haven't been running TDI cars in the BTCC / WTCC!!!

Well done for:

a) bothering to write in
b) for getting it published

Car journo's!! They were probably writing for What Caravan last week!


Funny thing is VAG are the most renowned for sporty diesel hatches.

GREY 225

Jim R
Oct 15, 2006
Evo ran a diesel seat leon 140 as part of there fleet about 18 months ago and they actually gave it a good review,they also ran the cupra last year and gave that a good review too.
They have been running the megane the last few months and did a direct comparison to a focus st and although the st had the edge on track,normal road driving the megane came out better,and on track there really wasnt much in it with lap times,the general opinion was the focus didnt seem to handle as good.Renult do seem to know how to get the best from the suspension,have done for years now.


Sneaker Freaker
I was a long time EVO man, infact I used to buy it pre evo days when it was the original team Performance car (shows age)

I havent bought a copy for a while though, it seemed to have lost the plot IMO, now I buy it only if theres an interesting article.
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