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Jun 5, 2009
Latest reports say she's stable:

"Maria de Villota has lost the use of her right eye. The Marussia test driver is reported to be in a “critical but stable” condition. The collision with a support truck happened on her first F1 test drive for the team."


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May 19, 2001
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Especially that roundabout too - same with that golf!

Just had a call from the MIL who lives close by & it's chaos.... bloody glad to be sat in my living room


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May 4, 2011
Yesterday a guy from the lotus factory left at 11.30am, normally would be a 30-35 minute journey, he arrived at 6pm!!
Apr 4, 2011
woodford green
having been to SPA the last two years we though we would give silverstone a go

bought the hard standing , which we never got to , spent lots of time watching people trying to get in & out spinning their wheels ( BMW's esp ) no marshals around , very rude security staff

dont think we shall ever go there again !


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Mar 17, 2006
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Halfway through the season and I'm finding it far more interesting than it has been for ages.

The tyres have thrown all teams into confusion, and this has made the races far more open. It has elevated the ability of the drivers into a much higher profile. In my opinion this is good, as watching how well an individual driver deals with a constantly changing mechanical *and* track situation is much more fun than seeing how fast virst vucking vinger vettel can pilot his track rocket in clear air.

Fernando Alonso has risen high in my estimation this year. He's taken the hand he's been dealt and made the most of it - the sign of a great driver in anybody's book.

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have been let down by the McLaren team, which is mainly why they are in such poor positions. Hamilton has proved more adaptable, and can still win the Championship, but all in all I think he needs to go to another team for his own good, to get a broader view of his craft.

I was immensely pleased by Mark Webber's win at Silverstone, he's got a lot of experience and can deal with adversity well. I think he's Champion class, but doesn't make it easy for himself, making mistakes more often than his teammate. If he can clean up his act a bit, I'd love to see him win the World Championship. He's also the guy with the best control of his ego, which makes him more attractive to fans.


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Jun 5, 2009
I can't agree more with you on that! Although most races are only exciting in the first and last ~15 laps, the season overall is great!

I think the tires do both good and bad. I causes drivers do really be aware of the tires, and some can handle them better then others. Alsonso for example has made the same mistake twice, ending up with worn tires in the last ~3 laps..
Or the Hamilon vs Maldonado moment, Maldonado clearly had the better tires, but Hamilton wouldn't let m pass, ending in an accident.

But, it's not al fun and games with the new tires, because 50% of the race is not driven in race pace. Most drivers have already said so; They're holding back, slower cornering, less acceleration. RedBull's engine mapping did that for the drivers, they didn't even had to worry about it.. And when we end up in the last 10 laps of the race, and team see that the tires are still good for another 15, all of the sudden the fastest lap is broken multiple times every lap..

I'd love to see more tire manufacturers in the game. Maybe Bridgestone, Michellin, or some cheap Chinese brand for the starting teams :p"

Oh, by the way; I've set up a poll on our FB page to predict the SPA GP winner. My vote goes out to Webber!


If you have some spare time, please fill it in. I'd love to see how the outcome reflects to the real GP
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