Formentor vs Seat Ateca


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Mar 13, 2017
Lake District
Another two areas of potential differentiation between the two cars is:

1) In the Formentor, the only way to get blind spot monitoring is to get an auto. No idea why this cannot be an option in the manual. We want a manual

2) an electrically heated front windshield (sometimes called Climacoat) is only available in the Seat Ateca (and only in the Excellence Lux trim) and, from what I can see, not available at all in any Formentor trim.

I can live with the absence of blind spot monitoring, as I’ve only ever had it on rental cars. But the absence of an electrically heated windscreen such that you can demist it silently - and without impacting the internal climate - would take some getting used to as I’ve had it on our current car (a 2012 Ford Fiesta that we’ve had for 8 years).

Is demisting the front windscreen in a Formentor painless?
Takes ages to demist in my 1.5 V2 Formentor. Miss the heated windscreen of the Ateca


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Feb 26, 2023
Got a 23 plate within a week of them coming out. March? Can’t remember! Just turned 9000 miles (company car, lots of travelling) and the car is great. Never had a problem with the infotainment, works perfectly for me. I’ve never used the sat nav though, google maps is just too good. Wireless charger doesn’t work, might be me as I thought the keyless entry was broke until I realised it was like KITT, the cars black, so I feel like the Hoff.
The best thing, it goes round corners fantastically fast with a surprisingly low level of body roll considering the height. Way better than the 1 series (horrible car, looks great though) and maybe not like the TT (the wife) but close enough to make me smile.
Buy it, a Seat is a car, The Formentor is a CAR.
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