Front wheel bearing


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Apr 6, 2018
Got a front wheel bearing that is grumbling just wondering what makes of bearing to avoid if anyone has had a bad experience with etc as loads of makes and prices on eBay.
SKF are one that I've heard that might be ok.
Also does anyone have the seat part number to hand for the front wheel bearing assembly.

MK3 2017 1.4tsi 150bhp manual.
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Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
This seems to be a particular known weakness on many models/sizes of VW Group cars, in the case of my wife's 2015 VW Polo 1.2TSI 110PS, the original front hub-bearing had an SNR France bearing in it, so I avoided replacing with the same and so bought a pair F A G hub-bearing assembles, in my case, and only in my case, I avoided SKF purely because while it is a well known quality brand (I think), in the Polo/Fabia/Ibiza/A1 cars, the hub-bearing assembly gets pressed into the car hub carrier and retained by a locking ring, SKF, by the time I needed to buy these bearings, had moved their design on/forward and now did not need a locking ring, and I could not find any script/info on how they achieved that, so for that only that reason, I avoided buying their product.

I just felt that I needed to add that info in even if it is not of use to you.

Here is a link to website that lists VW Group part numbers, I've used it for years and it seems to work okay:-

Just click on "CarProg2" then when the program opens, select your marque, model and then year, this sort of info also allows you to check what the other VW Group marques list for that part in case the seller has missed out your specific age/model but lists a similar car of another VW Group marque.
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