Fuel rail/system pressure + o2 sensor faults, are they linked?


Apr 27, 2021
Hi guys,

I'm quite new to the forum so I'm hoping someone who knows a lot more about SEAT/mk3 Leon might be able to shed some light on this...

This morning I had an engine management light appear on my 2013 Leon 1.4 TSI, I figured I would order a Autophix 5600 before booking a diagnostic and see what I could find online for the codes (in the hope it would be something I could fix myself with minimal tools/garage access).

It came up with 6 errors in total, 2 related to the A/C, 1 with the fuel tank filler lock and 1 with the rain sensors. While these are definitely something to address at a later date, the worrying ones were as follows:

P008700 - fuel rail/system pressure - too low
P219600 - o2 sensor signal stuck rich bank 1 sensor 1

After a bit of searching around I'm left thinking that it could be a) a faulty sensor/bad sensor reading, b) a fuel filter that needs replacing or c) a blocked fuel injector.

Am I mistaken in believing that these could be related and that fixing the fuel system may well fix the sensor issue?

Any advice from anyone who might have experienced similar (or just more mechanically experienced in general) would be greatly appreciated!

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