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Group Buy Rules/Information

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Nov 24, 2012
Group Buy Information

SEATCUPRA.NET does not hold any responsibility for issues arising through any group buys arranged through this forum they are arranged purely for your benefit either through our sponsors or a member that has found a deal that may help others.

Please make sure you understand the purchase (delivery times/postage fees etc) and what you will receive before paying any money.

All group buys are purely non profit and just for the members benefit

Only Admins/Moderators can create/approve threads in this section so if you have a group buy you would to start then please let a Moderator know via DM and they can move things forward for you if everything checks out.

When raising an issue regarding a group buy please give as much information as possible to help Mods and members understand the issue and help resolve it, please remember that the Moderators may not know the in's and out of each group buy thread.

All group buy threads will have a member/sponsor or moderator nominated in the first post to keep in contact with the seller for any issues arising during the buying process.
Not open for further replies.
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