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Help locked my only key in the boot



Due to the forever annoying autolock feature,I've locked my only set of keys in the boot.

I've has rac out and they can't open the doors :(

So I've got to smash the window, is there any other way of unlocking it?

I had an idea of getting a key from seat just to open the door, is that possible or is each key unique?

It doesn't need to start the car, just get me into it.

I've been quoted £200 for a new window
Feb 26, 2009
If it was easy to get into your car without the key, then there would be a huge market for stolen cars! :)

New keys are coded to the car, which is done from inside the car.

You could always put a brick through your windscreen, say that it was some local yobs who did it and claim it off your insurance as a windscreen replacement? Ironically, windscreens can be cheaper to replace than other windows, simply because they are replaced more frequently. Might be worth checking your policy does cover that sort of damage though.

Or perhaps get hold of a proper automotive locksmith who may be able to get into it better than the RAC can.


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Oct 6, 2003
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New keys are coded to the car, which is done from inside the car.
The key does not need to be coded just to unlock a door surely?

I would have thought IF you have the key number seat should be able to cut you a key, coding it would only become an issue if you want to use any remote locking or start the car with it.

BUT..... why, if you knew you had no spare key, have you not had one cut before now!


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Nov 22, 2009
Ring your local locksmith, they can blind pic the locks with ease and no damage


Blind pic?

Where can I find this key code?

Also didn't get a key because I'm a dumbass :)


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Oct 6, 2003
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Also didn't get a key because I'm a dumbass :)
:lol: I admire your honesty mate.

There is normally a black plastic tag with a label on it supplied with the vehicle keys. All the data you need for a new key is on that. If you don't have that, possibly Seat may be able to source the data from the vehicle registration or vin number. Not really sure on that one though.


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May 19, 2001
Clanfield, UK
I'd have thought putting the window (side window) through, and paying the excess with your insurance might be cheaper than a locksmith


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Jan 23, 2008
You don't need a code to get a new key from SEAT, just your REG number and they can have a new one ready in a couple of days. Think it cost about 50 for the key to be made, but not coded.

Then you wont have glass everywhere!

May 21, 2009
take your windscreen out, my mate once locked his keys in his astra, windscreen out, in the car, then windscreen back in,

failing that, as other ppl have said break the windscreen to get in


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May 29, 2010
I rang SEAT in Chesterfield last week about getting a spare key. Standard (non-remote) key £73.70 That's cut but not coded (about another £50). Didn't say how long it would be but it's far less hassle than breaking windows/replacing/claiming and probably cheaper than calling a locksmith out? (And it would get you in the car, but wouldn't start it). If you can manage without the car for a few days....
How hard did the RAC try? Wedges, air wedge? I'm suprised they couldn't get in - they opened my wifes Audi A4 in about five minutes without any damage.


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imo getting a new key is the way to go, likely about the cheapest way. It also means you have a key if something similair was to happen, although i would thihnk about getting a coded one as it seems strange you only have one key..

Regards windows, smashing them and then claiming... i cant recommend this as this is a bit naughty and the insurance company wont be pleased should they find out. Its basically fraud which is serious. Public forum..

Also, please note:
that many companies now ask you to declare any claims INCLUDING windscreens. ~(but not all clearly)
If you smashed a side window, this is is likely to be classed as a vandalism claim and WILL effect NCB, claims history and premium. Vandalism claims can seriously affect your risk rating and premium.

Cost.. sometimes the windscreen is cheaper to replace than side windows simply due to it being a more routine simply process.

IMO be patient and get a coded key cut.

PS whats this auto locking function? is this that the boot when shut locks.. as im sure you can have it so it only locks when the car is locked.
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Oct 31, 2008
As the other post said I cant see why they could not get in with a couple of plastic wedges in the door. I watch the old bill do this on a BMW a few weeks ago which was parked on a crossing.


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Mar 28, 2010
Dad locked his keys inside the car on a local petrol station once (wtf?). The boys working there have taken out the small window on the side of the boot with only slight damage to the seals and opened the car, then put the window back in. Dad bought them some beer for the trouble. Central Europe ftw :)

edit: love the explanation of 'ftw' when you hover your mouse over it :p


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Feb 3, 2010
i had to gt the AA to gt my only set of keys out of the car however the next week after taking a bit of a slagging my m8 who also has the same car as me done the same thing and apparently the rac guy who came to him placed an electric charge near the oil censor or something that opened the doors long enough to get the keys apparently this was the way seat had told the rac to gt in2 locked cars befor some people where putting to high a voltage on and killing the ecu. but then again some of my m8s are dreamers hahahaha
hope u gt the keys
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