How many litres of coolant for LCR?


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May 14, 2008

As title says how many litres of coolant would i need if i bleed the whole system?

Did a search but could find an answer :confused:



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many people will say its 4 litres but i suspect they had not drained the whole system completely.
i needed 5 when i drained mine properly.

G12 comes in 1.5 litres bottles now, (at least the ones i brough 2 weeks ago were)
Which you then mix 50;50 so you need two of them which would mean you could make up to 6 litres.

if you didnt know the drain for the coolant is at the nearside bottom of the radiator. A nice tap has been fitted so undoing of jubilee clips or anything is not needed.
Not easy to get to as the underside of bumper restricts access.
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