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  1. NathyPhillips

    N20THP - Clean MK1 LCR (Platinum Grey)

    Hi All, I've probably gone a bit over the top adding the Service & MOT detail but i thought it is about time i do a build thread for my car so I can look back at progress and appreciate the car in years to come, but also to share with all of you. Hopefully you can all appreciate the car as I...
  2. Jamesrowe

    James' LCR

    Hey all, Thought i'd start a thread about my LCR. I sold my mk2 Golf in October last year and started looking straight away for a LCR, within a week I had bought an onvi yellow LCR 210. I bought it with the seller telling me it was completly standard, which i later found out it wasn't!! It...
  3. £1k on... LCR Turbo gasket failure - HELP!

    Right, A while back my car had turbo failure of the first order, bent blades on the comp wheel cause unknown! When my turbo was rebuilt, I purchased 2x Gaskets from Seat for my turbo, 1x turbo - mani 1x turbo to DP After only 2 weeks, The Turbo-DP gasket has given up, Is the...
  4. Will these alloys fit LCR ??

    Ebay item number 290425199024 Before you all mock me for this i may add i know sweet FA about alloy fittments, and i really dont know what all the "off set" and all that jazz means I know that there are limited wheels that fit LCRs due to brembos :shrug::shrug:
  5. LCR Sear Covers - help

    Hello all I have a 2005 LCR and I'd like to stop the seat getting worn out like it did on my previous Seat Leon Sport (I have been a Loen owner now for 9 years!!). Anyhow, need a good fitting cover that will be kin to the seat underneath - ANY suggestions? Thanks for looking JONNYVT
  6. LCR Pump/Fan Noise When Engine is off ????

    Hi Fellas Not long had my lcr and just noticed when the car is off /locked etc i can hear a pump noise from the left hand top grill ( no it not the main fan lol ) I can see a pump there look's to be connected to the cooling it will run as well even if the car hasnt been started say when i...
  7. markgb

    From LC to LCR to K1

    Hi Guys, I have just upgraded from a Leon Cupra to a Leon Cupra R. I had the LC remapped, with a CC stage 1, but realised that unless I do major engine mods, it would never be much more than a standard LCR. SO, after seeing my LCR for £4551.00 at Evans Halshaw in Bury, and...
  8. Lcr brembo calliper dust seal

    Has anyone replaced a calliper piston dust seal on a brembo calliper if so how tricky is it I have one that's split and as I'm fitting new disc and pads thought I change it. Cheers guys
  9. Yet another 'are fibreglass LCR bumpers any good' thread

    As alot of people who own Cupra's are i am looking to buy the Cupra R bumpers.... are these worth the hassle??
  10. NottsLCR

    How many litres of coolant for LCR?

    Hi, As title says how many litres of coolant would i need if i bleed the whole system? Did a search but could find an answer :confused: Cheers
  11. uneven LCR Brembo rotor wear

    Ive suspected it for a while bcs during hard braking the right side seems to grab just a little better than the left side. During my Brembo refurb nightmare I noticed the left rotor was almost twice as worn on the inside as the outside as opposed to the right side where it was evenly worn inside...
  12. What brake pads for my LCR?

    Hi all, i need front pads for my 04 Cupra R, i don't hammer her or brake late and heavy so i don't need high performance pads, discs are good just feels spongy and a fair bit of travel but brake fluid has just been topped up by garage i bought her from last week. Loving her by the way, should...
  13. Gooders

    Auto air con LCR

    I've noticed that my air con sometimes comes on automatically without me doing anything :shrug: ...anyone else have this problem? thanks
  14. Craigus

    lag problem on LCR

    On the way to work this morning, I noticed a fairly large lag problem, in each gear below 3k, was taking a couple on seconds for the turbo to catch up. I have never had anything like this before, the power has been instant, any ideas what it could be? I will scan it for fault codes when I get...
  15. fuzzy232

    lcr front splitter

    Hi , may of been asked before but I was wondering where I can get a lcr front splitter ? and what needs to be done and what ways is there of fitting one ?
  16. BBS LM 19" on LCR

    Hi Guy's, I'm thinking of buying a set of BBS LM reps for My LCR, staggered fit 8.5 x 19" front & 9.5 x 19" rears, I have heard of problems with the front's fouling on the Brembo calipers, but have noticed that B3LSY had a set fitted to His LCR, I was wondering what off-set/spacers were used...
  17. lcr loss of power?

    hey just recentley i think my lcr has lost a bit of power. doesnt seem to pull as hard in 6th gear on the motorway as it used to. noticed it a bit around town also. unfortunatley dont have access to vagcom so cant really check. clutch defo not slipping. any thorts?
  18. George 3G

    Picture Request - Your Flash Red / Emocion Red LCR

    Please post photos of your Flash Red or Emocion Red LCR, stating which colour it is. Clean / dirty or sunny / shady photos, anything Thanks! George
  19. Gooders

    LCR radiator fan fuse blown

    my radiator fan fuse (40 amp fuse under battery cover) has blown...anyone know why this has happened or had it happen to them? thanks
  20. LCR Mk1 HORN

    After searching its quite a common problem that the horns stop working, however, after speaking with the main dealer there are 3 types of low pitch horn and 1 type of high pitch horn for the Cupra R Mk1. Does anyone know the part number / which one it is for an original replacement? Thanks...
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