seat leon cupra r

  1. Furia Grey LCR!

    Wohoo! I'm getting my new baby very soon (saturday). And here is one teaser pic for you :) :funk:
  2. LC with LCR bumper fog lights help

    Got a LC with LCR bumper but it has no fog light just wondering what i would need to get some fog lights in eg, the fogs, wiring loom? thanks
  3. Craigus

    Changing Gearbox oil on LCR

    Where abouts is the filler cap, and drain cap on the gearbox, if any peeps would have pics would be very very helpful? Cheers Craig
  4. LCR Recaro logo?

    Hi all :) New to forum and buying a cupra leon R this sunday. 53 plate in red 210 model. Right, how come some cupra Rs have Recaro emobrioded below the R logo on seats and some simply have the R logo ? Is this a difirence between 210 and 225 models or simply just some do, some dont...
  5. marv_n69

    LCR 225 Pics with spacers, pls

    Hi, Anyone out there got a picture of their LCR 225 with wheel spacers fitted??? Using standard wheels & sus etc 15mm rear & 10mm front OR 15mm rear & 0mm front OR any pics with spacers fitted on a LCR 225 will do ;-) Cheers all
  6. Fien

    Correct mpg on LCR??

    I appologise in advance for starting a new thread on mpg but have just got my car and was curious about it. I've had the car just over a week and about 300 miles (not a lot i know) but have averaged about mid 20's. I'm not that bothered about this as i'm going to be doing alot of city driving...
  7. marv_n69

    Wheel spacers & STD LCR Wheels

    Hiya peeps, Is there any advantage of using wheel spacers with the standard LCR wheels? Does it make the car look wider? I guess it will push the wheels out towards the archies but then would they rub? Anyone got any pics etc? Cheers gus n gals
  8. My LCR from Sunny South Wales

    Evening all. Not posted any shots before so here goes. Had the LCR for just over three year. I'm into Detailing tend to stick to subtle mods but will be stepping this up in the next few week. ORdering new wheels tomorrow. You'll notice some of the shots were taken when the car was badged...
  9. swoosh225

    Tailgate Badges LCR

    Hi all just wondering if the tailgate badges on a LCR are just held on with adhesive or actually clip into the panel.Do they leave any holes etc? Was thinking of removing mine?:D Thanks in advence
  10. lcr dump valve

    alright chaps, planning a dump valve seen the forge spliter, baileys dv26 and a turbo smart kompact but dont know whats the best any 1 got any of these? there all the twin piston 1 the leon uses aye? cheers
  11. Now a member of the LCR family but suffering with teething problems.... help please?

    Hi all, Ive just bought an LCR as of last night, and all i got to say is wow!!! I did own an LC180 but will be putting it up for sale soon. The only thing is, and i have searched the forums, is im getting 2 fault codes 17608 and 17705. This would explain how when im at full boost the car...
  12. Phoenix27

    LC or LCR... That is the question!

    I'm now wondering if it would be more beneficial to get a 180 and modify it which would take more time and money in the long run but would mean i could probably get a tidy example next week! :) The question is, even though the engines are different how does a Stage 2'd LC stand up to a Stage...
  13. cupragav

    cupragavs LCR progress thread ***few new ideas, comments please***

    Hey people, thought it was about time i done my own readers thread. I have had the car bout 3 years now i bought it completely standard I started to mod it after a couple of months of owning it. To start off with i added the forge 007p which wasnt enough, so i added a bmc cda forced...
  14. James_LCR

    LCR Springs

    Damian, Am I right in thinking that the H&R 20/20mm LCR springs and lower than the Weitec 50/40mm springs that can also fit the LCR? I will hopefully being ordering a set next week and would prefer the lower of the two...I know the pros and cons over just springs but is there much in it...
  15. LCR part number

    hi am after the part number for the pipe that goes from charge pipe to diverter valve/dv on a lcr as mine has a split in it thanks
  16. DaNnY_LaD

    Bent Rods lol Piccys now up...

    Right I thought id make a new thread to see what people think it is.. Last saturday I had my LCR Pressure Tested up to 1bar to see if there was any Vac Leaks Which anyway we found 3.... The 13miles drive home i was still blowing smoke out the back really badly which im guessing was the old...
  17. lcr rear bumper difuser mod

    Hi guys am really interested in looking into modding my back bumper...where the black plastic piece is at the bottom which the exhaust comes out of.....I wanted to know does anyone supply a diffuser for this found on the clio sports?if not does anyone know if these come off the...
  18. Booya

    Pic request - Black LCR with chrome wing mirror covers

    Seen as I can't find any carbon fibre ones I have lost all patience :cry: Any pics to give me an idea of how it would look with chrome ones (easy to get) would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  19. auq

    Indigo blue clocks in LCR

    I was wondering if its possible to change the bulbs for the blue led indigo type used in the golfs, as i imagine this would look amazing!!!!
  20. DannyC87

    Diagram for PCV system on LCR anyone?

    Hello, I have the standard oily residue on the PCV pipes under my intake manifold; decided its about time I sorted it so I plan to remove the PCV and fit a catch can. Now I have seen multiple parts diagrams for the LH intake manifold PCV systems; but the LCR's is slightly different. I'm...
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