seat leon cupra r

  1. ZBOYD

    Std Mk1 LCR required for EVO mag photo-shoot - Friday 29th Jan

    Nope this is not a wind-up. :) Care of SEAT UK I have been contacted by Brett from EVO Magazine. EVO need to urgently get their hands on a cosmetically 'un-modified' Mk1 Leon Cupra R (either 210 or 225) for a photo-shoot that is taking place this Friday (29th Jan). They are doing a used car...
  2. LCR MK1 front speakers not working

    hi all, please help before i prematurely lose my hair! basically ive fitted my sony f7700 cd player into my lcr and the rears work fine inc the tweeters. however in the front the left side woofer works but not the tweeter, but on the drivers side its the other way round. ive bought a new...
  3. JamJay

    Knocking Sound N/S/F - Worn Bushes? - LCR

    Hi all, this sounds like a worn bush to me but i'll pick your brains anyway. When driving over uneven road, I get this knocking sound from the N/S/F suspension as the car rumbles over it. The sound is as rapid as the car goes over the knobbles in the road. I am ruling out the shock absorber...
  4. rydoo

    My 2005 LCR.

    hi all,had ma leon for a while now so thot i better put some pics up of it :) Thanks for looking :D
  5. dippy4000

    LCR clocks into a LC

    Am i correct that if i change my clocks to the LCR ones that it would have to paired up to the ecu with vag-com?
  6. rydoo

    just had my lcr rr and im in shock!!

    hi guys just had my lcr on the rolling road,produced 297bhp and 258ftlb,its got a decat and revo stage 2 map was expecting around 270ish so im well pleased :D guy sayed the flat spot in the graph feels like poof airfeed
  7. Just bought an LCR - a few issues/queries

    Picked up my LCR yesterday, on the drive home noticed a few things im not entirely happy with. Cant really complain though as I got it for a good price :) Came from a Fabia vRS, so not used to petrol VAG engines yet! Anyway, here goes 1. Temp gauge sits at 60 sitting on the motorway...
  8. Fox god

    Fox Gods LCR (FMIC fitted)

    Hi guys, I've been on here a while learning from you all and sticking my 10 pence in here and there. So i thought it was time i did a readers ride thread, good times eh :D I've wanted an lcr for years and in dec 08 after looking at focus st's and astra vxr's i decided seat still did it...
  9. AntneeUK

    High-mileage LCR: Worth spending money on?

    I keep swinging too and fro about whether to spend money on my 52-plate LCR210. It's at just over 98k miles and I love it to bits, but I'm unsure about whether it's worth spending a lot of money on it or not. I have a list of things that I'd love to do, including fixing the paint-work...
  10. james.l

    James' LCR - 2008cc Stroker HTA GT3071r! - Tuned @ Badger5

    As the car stands today, and a list of the parts installed / to be installed Block BAM Engine Block 92.8mm Forged Crank 1.8 Oil Pump Drive Gear Mahle Motorsport Powerpak Pistons Mahle Motorsport Piston Rings Mahle Motorsport Wrist Pins 06a 1.8T Oil Squirters DM Forged 144 x 20 Connecting...
  11. Standard LCR boost

    Hi all I couldn't find an exact answer, but what's the standard boost in psi on a lcr?? Cheers :)
  12. rsmith

    LCR Standard ride height/favour

    Hello all, I need a favour, i have risen/lowered and changed the alloys on my car so much over the past 6 months that i have no idea anymore of how much it is actually now lowered by. Could any of you LCR owners out with standard suspenion be kind enough to measure from the ground to the...
  13. going to buy LCR

    going to buy a LCR in the next month or so wondering what are the main problems to look for on them?? quite a few with high milage, 80k+ are they anythin to worry about??
  14. Need help LCR

    Hi as i mentioned in a earlier post my LCRis sounding a bit funny when ticking over, i have had the bonnet up today and the noise seems to be coming from around the coolent tank or the three plugs to the side of it. Now im gonna sound like a idiot but what are these 3 plugs because they look...
  15. DaNnY_LaD

    Lcr not starting after driving then turning off.. (Fault Codes)

    Righto Ive recently fitted a New Coolant temp sensor to sort my fueling and temp Gauging readings which it has done... But like last time when i go and start it for the first time in the morning is totally fine but sometimes can be in limp mode... But lets say i go to the petrol station and...
  16. wayne lcr

    lcr paint fade

    washed the car today and started looking round it and iam starting to get a bit of paint faid:( is there any thing that will get the colour back without having a respray:(.was thinking maybe using cutting compound and mopping it:shrug:. any ideas guys
  17. DannyC87

    Backfire, Knock and EGT fault code LCR

    In the last couple of days my LCR has backfired twice, I'm not talking about popping, I mean gunshot like backfires. It does it when not fully warm with a bit of boost, not WOT whilst accelerating but lifting off slightly to avoid wheel-spin. I have checked for error codes and ge the following...
  18. LCR may'be "fixed"...

    Hi all, As some of you knows, I've had a really irritation problem regarding boost and CF's 2 weeks ago my fuel pump went and I had a new one. I then out of interest asked revo regadring a stage 2 upgrade for my LCR and then got the infoimation, "You already had stage 2, we did this so you...
  19. rydoo

    Lcr decat = pop and bang?

    Hi guys,just wondering if a decat my lcr will it pop and bang?the exhaust is stock,thanks.
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