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  1. Lcr

    Hey guys, I'm new to this site and wanted to say HIYA. I have had my LCR since August now and loving every minute of it. Its got 59000 miles and i gave £6k for it after a little negotiation from the Seat Dealership. Its a Ovni Yellow 225 LCR and totally standard... Not for long tho haha...
  2. WooHoo finaly got an LCR

    finaly got an lcr after wanting one for yrs now and after 6weeks of looking finaly found a minter :happy: only thing need the wheels powdercoating just a few curb marks carnt make me mined up what colour am thinking dark grey any one got any pics etc? btw its red cheers Luke
  3. paul6316

    No Climate control, Indicators or wipers on LCR

    Just popped up the shops and realised that neither the indictors nor the wipers were working. The hazards are fine. I have checked both fuses and they are also fine. Any ideas?
  4. LCR Mud Flaps

    Hi, im thinking of putting mudflaps o my LCR, can anybody post up some pics if you have them on yourself? Dont know if they will look out of place. cheers
  5. 100k+ on LCR's, is this a problem?

    Looking at possibly swaping my LC for a LCR. i dont really do much milage (only done 14k in 5+years) Thinking or getting one with higher milage as it would be cheaper and i use my car even less now 1-1.5k a year so i wont really put that much on it. Is there many/any know problems or things to...
  6. Gooders

    LCR turbo chatter?

    Hey has anyone managed to get their LCR turbo to chatter? ...think this sounds mint and just wondered if you can do it to the LCR thanks
  7. Gooders

    LCR fan issues

    Hi, my fan on my '05 LCR used to come on just after 90 it doesnt come on at all...ive let it go up to 100 degrees and its still not come on...anyone have any answers or had the same problem? does everyone elses come on just after 90? thanks
  8. hudson82

    My black lcr pics and progress

    My lcr the day i bought it! [/IMG]
  9. LCR or somthing else?

    Ive got my mind set on a LCR at the moment but was just wondering what else people would consider before getting one? What else would be like the LCR interms of size performance 4 door etc.. would touch the LCR for upto £7000 used? of simular size to pack my drum kit in!;) I know a...
  10. kez

    REQ: closeup pic of LCR bonnet catch required

    my LCR's been off the road for almost a year now, and it's time to get it back on it. however, obviously, the battery has run out and needs changing. however, i am unable to get the bonnet open. the interior handle works, and i've popped it up to the first stage. no amount of prodding...
  11. ZBOYD

    Mk1 LCR short-listed on the poll for Autocar's best hot hatch ever!!

    Vote here for the LCR - or for something else if you want. :)
  12. vwbassett

    Rear LCR brakes same as LC?

    Hi, Im trying to order a set of rear brake discs and pads off of Now the rears are 256mm vented right? but what are the pads, the same as the rest of the range as indicated on the site or should they be different considering the disc diametre is larger? I was going to be...
  13. LCR Drivers Seat Excessive Wear

    As the title says my drivers R/H lower support on the seat (bit against your right thigh) is wearing what i believe to be excessively :cry:.The car is an 06 plate LCR with 31k on the clock. I have emailed seat and received the following response: Sorry for the delay in replying, this is...
  14. hudson82

    what dump valve for lcr???

    waiting to collect my lcr and want to get a few bits ready for it. so was wondering which dump valve would be best for it and what youre opinions are. thanks
  15. My new LCR :) and i love it!!!! :)

    Hi all, Well after much debate on changing my LC180 for the LCR 225, i finally followed it through and i must say i aint dissappointed at all!! So pleased with the car!!! Mods so far are: Piper catback system Rallytech remap (Boreham) supposedly 270-280hp FMIC After market air...
  16. Stealth LCR

    well..... stealthish lol after much fcukin about on my part i finally picked my LCR yesterday!! :) i absoluty love it apart from the fuel :/ its got Revo software with SDS, blueflame turbo back system, Forge 007p and pioneer DVD and sat nav head unit...
  17. LCR Brake Pad Cahnge Help

    Hi Guys Followed the guide to change the pads on my LCR yesterday and it worked a treat, well nearly anyway. I started with the passenger side and it took 20 mins until the new pads were in and all back on the ground, next the drivers side, out came the pins and the pad on the outside, but the...
  18. Sraying a black lcr

    I need some sraying doing on my 53 plate black lcr. i need a door re doing and have been told that because it is not metallic it will not have to be blended into the rest of the car? is this true? has anyone sprayed a singal black panel?:think:
  19. Mark's Black LCR 225

    I thought it may be time to keep a log of what I have done and plan to do with my car, nothing mega special planned, just trying to keep up on the servicing and a few select modifications, hope no one minds me taking some site space! Ok what have I done so far! Forge 007 Yellow Spring Forge...
  20. LCR rear bumper

    On the rear bumpers, the gray plastic bit at the bottom can this be taken off on its own or with all the bumper?
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