Mark's Black LCR 225

Apr 24, 2008
SW London/Surrey
I thought it may be time to keep a log of what I have done and plan to do with my car, nothing mega special planned, just trying to keep up on the servicing and a few select modifications, hope no one minds me taking some site space!

Ok what have I done so far!

Forge 007 Yellow Spring
Forge Silicon Brake Servo Pipe
Mini stub aerial,
Replaced third brake light with new one 06/04/10
New Clutch pedal sensor 17/04/10
Silver indicators bulbs front and rear
OEM Green Temp Sensor,
Seat interior silver trim,
Scorpion Decat Pipe
R8 Oil Cap,
Smoothed Airbox
Debadged leon lettering removed
Throttle body cleaned at 56k
Seat rear parcel shelf tray
Uprated clutch/new Dual Mass Flywheel/Release Bearing fitted
K&N Oil Filter and Halfords 5-40 fully synth changed at 58k
New Wheel bearing OSF and Hub fitted at 58k
LED Front sidelights fitted
HID H7 55W lights fitted, brilliant :D
Alarm Chirp enabled
Autowindows fitted
Fabia rear wiper conversion
Full Golf Mk4 Aero Wiper Arms (Front)
Seat Sport Gearknob
New MAF fitted 09/10
Brushed Aly Mirror covers
Carbon Fibre Wheel centre caps
Forge Polished Charge Pipe Fitted 07/11/10
Fitted genuine Seat Armrest 18/02/11
Fitted Powerflex Wishbone Bushes with defcon linings 19/04/11
Fitted New Top Mounts and Bearings 19/04/11
Four New Dunlop Sport Max 20/04/11
Four Wheel Alignment 20/04/11
Fitted 4 Brand new 2.0T coil packs 17/06/11
INA Coil Pack adaptors x 4
New Set of BKR7E gapped to 0.04"
New Bosch silver line battery 14/09/11
New rear pagid discs and pads fitted 26/11/11

01/12 New wideband 02 sensor fitted
02/12 Blueflame Exhaust fitted + cat o2 sensor spaced out with washers
02/12 New Air filter fitted
03/12 New dipstick tube fitted
03/12 New Fuel Filter fitted
03/12 Grounding kit fitted

Ds2500 front pads and Seat OEM Discs
Badger 5 Custom remap
Mapped out cat O2 sensor
V2 badger 5 tip
Ths dogbone mount
New Thermostat
New NS outer Cv joint
R32 front arb with bushes and mountings
New NS Arb drop link
Did a Firewall trim modification and replaced it with some off a Nissan Micra, gives a slight gap to get rid of some engine bay heat, you can hear a little more engine noise but I think it has advantages.

Fitted new custom exhaust from Dan at Longlife Carshalton just one word to say Brilliant


Changed oil and filter, used larger oil filter upgrade from a Passat and Millers 5-30 Fully Synth longlife 504.00


Fitted new Driver's Door Seal which fixed a clicking door solenoid win win!


Pleased to see on the log book the car was first registered in December 2005, so one of the youngest ones around!

7/13 Fitted new nearside wheel bearing
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Need to get the pictures up mate, they do all the talking :)
Apr 24, 2008
SW London/Surrey
Re: Mark's Black 55 plate LCR 225

Changed the clutch sensor today and it seems to have boosted the performance a fair bit and the car is much nicer to drive :eek:)
Apr 24, 2008
SW London/Surrey
Changed the plugs today for NGK iridium 7s and the car is a lot smoother now and picks up a lot better.

Did a compression test while the plugs were out and all cylinders were 180+psi ish, also did a head gasket check while the kit was handy (checking a mate's car for him) and that was all clear, so success all around fingers crossed :)
Apr 24, 2008
SW London/Surrey
Little update, yesterday I fitted the fabia rear wiper conversion and an even smaller stubby aerial I bought from ebay.

Both are looking good and working well, I have to admit to being dubious about the aerial working as well as the Honda, but so far it is:clap:
Apr 24, 2008
SW London/Surrey
I completed some logs on VAGcom and with the help of the good people on here, we worked out the MAF was not working within spec, changed it today and a big difference in performance!!!

Also changed the wiper arms and blades to full golf Mk4 Aero, on the front, gives the car a more modern look and they work well :)
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Apr 24, 2008
SW London/Surrey
Just fitted some brushed aluminium mirror covers today and really like them, was in two minds at first but now I think they lift the car and make it look a bit more modern!

Think I will take off R badges on the wings they are starting to look a bit manky and I always like the clean look!
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