1. Andreas Panayiotou

    Emblem black-out with wrap.

    Hello. Did anyone blackout rear emblem and letters with wrap? I would like to see how it looks with the nickel surround. Thanks.
  2. New - Owner of 2016 Ibiza Cupra Black

    Hi, new to this forum... first question straight off the bat, I’m thinking of lowering it to start off some much wanted modifications, but it’s a struggle trying to find some decent advice on which springs to use, I want to keep the budget fairly low but at the same time I want what’s best for...
  3. Porsche Twist 17’’

    4x Porsche Twist 17’’ - 5x130, staggered 7J front 8.5J rear. Freshly powdercoated black, not been on a vehicle since being painted. Do have adaptors + 2 rear tyres, can include price dependant £350 Offers welcome Email: [email protected]
  4. Black SEAT Badge options?

    Hi, I have a 2016 Cupra 290 and am after some black SEAT badges front and back. Just wondering what are the best options. Anyone got pictures of theirs and where they got them from? Cheers, Brandon
  5. Veyron_fan

    Black Leon Cupra 300 ;)

    Hi fellow petrol heads, new Cupra owner here. Here's my Leon cupra 300, absolutely love it. Has every single option fitted (apart from the false boot floor lol) so if anyone wants to ask about anything please feel free. Already got the shopping list ready. In no particular order; Cupra...
  6. Wanting to swap cupra 290 DSG for a manual??

    Hi guys, Probably a long shot but I’ve just bought a 2017(66) cupra 290 DSG. Had it about a month now and the gearbox is brilliant but I just miss a manual. Would anyone be interested in doing a deal of some sort for another 290 but manual gearbox? Must have: Bucket seats Black pack (prefer...
  7. cupragav

    best for black

    Right can anyone help me? I recently clayed my car and used meguiars polish and wax afterwards and it came out really swirley and streaky, can people please help and suggest what products i can start to use on my car, been looking at poor boys stuff, i am soooooo confused on what is the best...
  8. sapper

    lumpy running and black smoke!!

    trying to get hold of a diognostic kit by the weekend, but does any one have any ideas/experianced this? it seems to be below 2000rpm and its intermitant its seems to be missing almost, but more freqantly almost all the time when accelerating quite hard there is excesive black smoke, black being...
  9. Rua1r1

    gloss black grill on silver leon ???

    Im thinking changing my front grill on my luna grey leon, but im not sure if the gloss black grill will suit the colour of the car, what do you think ? Rua1r1
  10. steveyg

    Skirts n Black roof done...quick snap of it

    Only took with my crappy phone camera but you get the idea.....
  11. Cupra Steve

    Black Seat Badge

    Hi all, just wondering, has anyone painted their Seat badge (on the front grill) black? At the minute my car is all red & black and i have this great big chrome badge which to me spoils the looks a bit. What did you use to paint it? Can you get if off the car without damaging the badge...
  12. itfben

    gloss black rs4's on a black leon?

    My mates got some rs4 reps that he had reburbished in gloss black not long ago for his golf, what do you guys think? seen some silver ones on a white leon n that look pretty sweet. btw they are 18" 's :) and may need some need tyres for fronts but think he wants like £350 for em. I...
  13. jaykicksass

    Who has a Black Leon?

    I have been searching for pictures of any black leons on here. Just really to see what sort of mods look good, like black grill and mirrors etc. Pictures please? Thanks Jamie
  14. NickWest

    Hard to choose - Black or Orange?

    Hey everyone, I'm still 17 and live in Spain, And I'm interested in getting a Seat Ibiza when I turn 18. But I don't know what color, I always said orange, but I just got back from the dealer just to look and there was one in black, and I found really nice as well. But I want your opinions...
  15. tissot

    Black Grille for Facelift leon part number and cost found

    I have managed to find a part number and the cost of one and now have it fitted. 1p0853651d9b9 £91.12 inc vat fitting wise, pop out the 2 press-studd type things on the top of the grille, pull grille forwards from the top and it will just come out. then reverse this for fitting.
  16. black roof - do spoiler or not?

    Hi i have a white leon fr mk2 and im getting the roof done in black vinyl on tuesday,shoiuld i have spoiler done aswell ? if so just top of spoiler or complete spoiler? any advice or pics to help me decide would be appreciated:)
  17. price and place to buy a black curpa mk2 grill

    Hi I would like to buy a mk2 leon 2008 black cupra grill for my FR. Any one know were I could buy one it will need to be posted to me so looking for mail order store, About how much and part number would be handy thankyou.
  18. Sraying a black lcr

    I need some sraying doing on my 53 plate black lcr. i need a door re doing and have been told that because it is not metallic it will not have to be blended into the rest of the car? is this true? has anyone sprayed a singal black panel?:think:
  19. Red Leon's with black mags: please post pics

    guys, i re-sprayed my mags matte black as i messed the one rim on the highway a week or so back..decided to do them all this time round. now i dunno if its looks as good as i thought it would nor as nice as the red Leon's i've seen on this forum. pls post pictures of your red Leon so i may...
  20. Mark's Black LCR 225

    I thought it may be time to keep a log of what I have done and plan to do with my car, nothing mega special planned, just trying to keep up on the servicing and a few select modifications, hope no one minds me taking some site space! Ok what have I done so far! Forge 007 Yellow Spring Forge...
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