1. chris2401

    Future Black Leon MK1 FR TDI

    Hi Everyone, This is my first thread so hope I can get some usefull answers or advice. :) Now I have got a full-time job I can realistically start saving up for my black Seat Leon MK 1 FR TDI with cupra body kit on it (150bhp version). I want 18" RS4 alloys on my car. I did have a link...
  2. FinerDetails

    Finerdetails - two seriously f'ed black range rovers

    Thought you guys might appreciate the work here if not the badge ;) Its been a long week, and its far from over yet. First insight: Range Rover Sport HSE, 04 plate, and been demolished by a bodyshop: two pics to set your taste buds going: This one was treated to full exterior...
  3. Chipped black Alloy

    Hi Whilst giving my new pride and joy a good wash I noticed a very small stone chip on one of the alloys. Has anyone got any ideas for a touch up, spoke to dealer they don't have anything for piano black wheels :-(.
  4. seantdi

    black trim cupra r style

    hi all. i was thinking of getting the gray plastic trim in my fr sprayed black to look like the cupra r trim. is this a stupid idea?? would it turn out crap.. i know most of the bits can be got from the dealers. anyone any idea how much it would cost to replace all the gray trim with black trim...
  5. red leon/ gloss black roof

    hi there new to this sit but i have a leon cupra styled as a cupra r so as anyone got pics of one with a black roof thinking of getting jake at panelcare to do it any pics would be helpfull thanks!!
  6. Berg

    MK3 Ibiza Cupra* K03s Jabbasport* Moving on....

    Current Spec Engine K03s Turbo Unsilenced Jabbasport Custom Mapping Blueflame Exhaust Blueflame 3" Downpipe (Wideband Sensor Installed) BKR7E plugs 4bar FPR LCR/S3 Fuel Pump Forge UNOS Manual Boost Controller Jetex Filter Filter extended to where battery once sat CAI (from...
  7. Whats the black box near PAS resevoir?? LCR

    Its clicking on idle from inside?? Its the one with and electrical connection and some rubber piping.. Chrissy
  8. jasont87

    gloss black wing mirrors

    anybody know where I can get these sprayed cheap within north west area? thanks :)
  9. AntneeUK

    Red, black or blue

    Looking through people's RR threads I see a few different choices regarding the colour-scheme for your hoses in the engine bay. I'm starting to plan a couple of things like TIP, FMIC etc and have been having a perv over the Forge website. I've noticed that some of their silicon hoses are...
  10. Magic black LCR with Black Chrome Wheels

    Hi, Is there anyone on here thats got a magic black (pref LCR) with black chrome wheels? Wondering how it looks? Had a go at using the search button, but soon got boared as is brought up every and anything with the word black in if Cheer Chris
  11. How can I paint my wheels with Hyperblack / Shadow Chrome / Black Chrome

    Hi people! Just searched the "whole" internet and didn't get an answer, How can I paint my wheels with Hyperblack/Shadow Chrome/Black Chrome? Is there any company that sells a spray can with that color? (for example: Motip, Duplicolor) The color is: (well .. I can't post links...
  12. Glossy black wheel refurb?

    My wheel met a kerb for the first time the other day after a ****** in a Range Rover thought it would be funny to test my patience... Anyways, theres a scuff around the rim about 6 inches long, and a scuff on the spoke itself... and with them been glossy black alloys, the bright silver scuffs...
  13. cuprastupot

    Black LC: Liquid Gauge Readings

    Some pictures of the motor in the snow - very dirty, sorry. Then some pictures of new front very clean - had bonnet sprayed looks like new now. Just debating whether to put the cupra r splitter back on? Also comments welcome and appreciated on the top pre-facelift grilles. I never really...
  14. Andy_FR

    Black Wing Mirror Caps

    Hi all, I am going to get a set a pair of black wing mirror caps tomorrow to replace the silver ones, my question is are they very easy to fit? Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks andy
  15. Cupra black surround on grill

    Hi, I'd like to know where you can get the black surround for the grill like cupras have fancy a change from the silver one, can I get it from the dealers?
  16. Yellow leon, black boot, roof and bonnet?

    Ive got an 2002 yellow leon cupra its got lcr bumpers and skirts i was thinking of getting the boot sprayed black? maybe the bonnet and roof aswell? what do you think? just the boot in black? thanks :help:
  17. deann

    New Black Vinyl Roof installed

    Hey Guys. New black roof finished..
  18. cuprakemp

    black roof or not (mk2 Leon)

    has any one had vinyl on the roof and does it look as good as painting it
  19. Cupra K1 - Going back to standard!

    Have had a build thread up of my car on two other sites but a SEAT site so thought it would be only fair to update on here also. ;) Pics the day I put down the deposit in it. One test drive and it sealed the deal. Bear in mind I was coming from a 1.4 so its easy to see how I became smitten...
  20. matfennell

    ok guys - where to find 14" black alloys

    Need some 14" (has to be 14" cos mother has made me declare them and any larger than standard and its another £300!!!) black alloys - preferably 5 spoke or close to that. Im only 17 and am on a budget of around £300-£350 but for that price would need to include tyres! Cant find any...
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