1. help needed on the black part of cupra bumper

    Sorry if this thread as been posted before, help needed. I am having may fr bumper sprayed next week, like a cupra but don't know if it is gloss as the mirror caps or matt black thankyou.
  2. black roof or not????

    Hi i have a white leon fr 57 plate and in thinking of getting the roof done black vinyl. whats yor thoughts??:shrug: also if i get it done should the spoiler be done black ? just the top of course :confused: if anybody has pics could you please post them cheers
  3. Full Black Roof - Opinions

    On my new Ibiza which is White i have the panoramic sunroof. As you guys know it it takes up half the roof and is Black. What i was planing on doing is getting the other half black viynl so the full roof is Black. I Have seen this on other White cars and its looks good. Similiar to the...
  4. Booya

    Pic request - Black LCR with chrome wing mirror covers

    Seen as I can't find any carbon fibre ones I have lost all patience :cry: Any pics to give me an idea of how it would look with chrome ones (easy to get) would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. drewFR

    Black Alloys

    Has anyone else with manufacturers black alloys had any problems with the rear wheels stone chipping. Mine has covered 2500miles and are pitted through to the alloy all over the place. Seat wont entertain a warranty claim!! Anyone else????
  6. ChrisGTL

    Remove Black Swirls?

    Can anyone recommend a product to remove swirls from black paint? I've got to clay the whole car to remove all the crap on my paintwork......i've done a small area and got the paint super smooth.....but the car is covered in swirls.. I'm going to cleanyourcar in the morning, can anyone...
  7. Black debadged badgeless grill

    was thinking of buying one of ebay (FK SEAT LEON MK2 1P 05on BLACK DEBADGED BADGELESS GRILL) dose any one have a debaged grill if so would it be possible to see a photo of the grill on a car thankyou
  8. Black liquid from exhaust?

    Today when i had parked near my work, i noticed that my car had a puddle of black liquid where the exhaust was. I noticed that it was dripping from the tailpipe. Is this something to be worried about or is this normal?
  9. Who has a black mk5???

    Just wondering who has a black mk5?? And what is it like to live with as a daily driver?? Are the swirl marks bad, does it get dirty within the first ten miles etc??? Thanks
  10. K1 Black Alloys - Can I get new ones?

    Hey guys, At the end of the summer I'll have had my K1 for 2 years :) love it to bits. Unfortunately the wheels took a bit of a battering in the first 2 months I got the car. That's what you get for upgrading from a Ford KA. Anyhow after those first 2 months I've never touched them...
  11. Tomibz

    1.2 MK4 Black Ibiza unfinished project :P

    Well heres my Ibiza, its not amazing but I like it, it isnt finished yet, far from finished. Heres what Ive had done to it so far: Octavia vrs alloys, Spax 45mm lowering springs (only got rear on atm front going on this week), tinted back 3 windows, debadged grill, debadged rear, custom pipes...
  12. F8 CMR

    Gloss black wheels :D

    hello, i damaged my wheels last week going to work so decided to go for it and get them done gloss black id never seen a luna grey car with them before but now they are done im really chuffed think they look good:) whats your thoughts? [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  13. Rob FR TDi

    Black and a tad of White

    Right guys/gals, I need you to help me! I was wondering what the prices (as close as possible) and techniques are for: Spraying 18" standard FR wheels. (Cupra shiney black :P ) Spraying the wing mirrors. (Cupra shiney black :P ) Brake Calapers sprayed Candy White Is it true that...
  14. tooly1

    ibiza black upper grills !

    looking for the one with the badge on either debadged or with black seat logo and no chrome and the matching right and left ones no chrome effect! basically plain black anyone have an idea where to get them from?, had a look on ebay wanted to buy em as a pack if possible...
  15. jaykicksass

    My 09 facelift SEAT leon FR tdi in black magic

    Hi people, this is my leon and just thought I would add some pictures of it as I go along and modify different things. Let me know what you think? Thanks Jamie This is a picture of before I went...
  16. Project Black Mamba - 2009 Leon Cupra

    Ok, here we go, After several years of driving some larger and less sporty cars (my last one is an Audi A6) I have decided that the wife should drive those and I will get myself a new toy. After some considerations and test driving several cars like the STI , GTI and the S3 the decision has...
  17. DJ-LIAMC

    Liam c's Black LCR Stage 2 REBUILT! ALIVE!

    MY LCR Mods So far : FMIC Blueflame Turbo back Decat Exhaust system "" BBS Ch Alloys "" Samco TIP + Forge Intercooler Hoses Debaffled costom chrome Charge Pipe 6000k HID kit Forge 007P dv N249 Bypass Gloss black engine covers+parts REVO stage 2 remap Boost Gauge. Catch Can (PCV...
  18. Black mk3 ibiza cupra

    went to view rikos black mk3 cupra yesterday and bought it home with me, havnt had chance to take any pics of it yet so will have to use ones from the ad ok maybe i wont, not allowed to post them up untill ive made 15 posts! needs a few bits and bobs doing but thats just me bein picky...
  19. seantdi

    black badge ??

    done up this today. yes or no??
  20. Mazda RX-8: black

    Mazda RX-8 – Enhancement and Protection Detail Take one Mazda RX8 and give it to a lazy valeter to ‘buff to a shine’. Unfortunately, this one had been butchered to an inch of its life. The last person to put polish to the paintwork left us in a situation... RX8’s have notoriously soft...
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