1. grey tdi sport to cupra black rooflining

    hi guys, ive got a '52 plate tdi sport and im loving it!! only thing is that im finding that the grey rooflining is looking very drab and i would like to swap it with a cupra black rooflining instead. i was wondering if you guys could help me out by possibly posting somepics of your black...
  2. Any black cupras with a blue engine bay?

    morning all well just thinking about a few things and thought id ask cos i cant find anything when i search has anyone got pics of a black cupra with a blue tarted up engine bay?hoses etc? thanks alot
  3. Leon Mk2: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 fitted

    Hi All, Just thought I would post up some pictures up of my ride, It's a work in progress. Feel free to ask any questions. Hope you like.
  4. SeatR

    color coded bumperstrips BLACK car

    hey, anyone got a pic of a black ibiza with colorcoded bumperstrips? And if i want to remove any lines before repainting the car, which should i do? Wouldnt the lines in the arches downunder the rearlights crack after a while due to the movements in the chassis ?
  5. Nef

    Head-Up's Black Leon Cupra - Sick of White Wheels - Now with pics.

    Been on the forum a few weeks and got my car someotime last week, so thought id post up a few pics of my car. so far iv got a few thing in mind that i want to do to it, but at the mo funds are kinda stopping me:cry: bloody insurance. i bought the car with a few mods on it. saves me a few...
  6. Tfsi_Mike

    TFSI Mikes Stage 2+ Cupra

    Will try and find time to do a propper write up. Well happy with the car but as always wanting more more more! :P Heres a couple of quick snaps..
  7. Help please, black smoke after remap

    Hi just had a remap and found that on acceleration when at around 2k i get a below of black smoke.Its only when i press the gas at around that rev range.If i go through the gears hard it doesnt do it,but if i lift off let the revs drop then go on the gass again i get a burst of black smoke. The...
  8. QuietQuackers

    Finally got an Inferi Black Cupra

    Picked up my new Inferi Cupra this afternoon from Irfan and Tyrone at M1 Autos, fantastic deal, really friendly and the best salespeople I've dealt with. Well worth the 160 mile trek to get there! Could not stop smiling on the journey home, quite a step up from an Ibiza 1.4! Love the MFD3...
  9. Boost gauge with red numbering and black background?

    looking to install a new boost gauge (psi) as I have decided (as cheap and as effective my autogauge is - bar), it could be a better match and I also want to switch to PSI I want to get an oil temp gauge to match too. Looking at a maximum of £40 per gauge does anyone know where sells a...
  10. Cleaning glossy black Cupra alloys... I've been told that I'm not meant to use anything like Wonder Wheels etc because of the glossy black finish... good old elbow grease works but is a hell of a lot of work, anyone with any good products or anything?
  11. Black "Seat Leon Cupra" badges

    Hi all, does anyone know where I can get some Seat and Cupra badges in black writing? On ebay they only do the Leon in black and the other 2 in red.
  12. another clue about my car can anyone help

    anyone know anything about black cupra ICZ 7601? hi just wondering if anyone knew anythin about my car before i bought it its had a few mods and seein if anyone know anything about it? thanks tom
  13. Jonny95 SXE

    to black roof or not.....

    Hi all, basically, getting the wheels refurbed in the next week and also have mirros painted black now what are your thoughts on spraying/vinyling the roof black? Jon
  14. Robb1990

    Black wheels - stock TDI SE's

    Just done a photoshop with my wheels colours black. What are people's opinions? I love it against the red, and cant really afford wheels/springs just yet as im saving for a re-map. All opinions taken on-board :) Also opinions on the rearlight top white section going to black?
  15. White_Lady_170

    Cupra Gloss Black B & C Pillars fitting guide anyone?

    Did a quick search and found lots of people talking about this but not a specific "how to" guide... Can someone help me out or point me in the right direction if ive missed it..? Cheers
  16. Reuvers

    Spray bonnet black?

    I've got another idea I'm playing with. My mates are spraying another car the 28th and seeing as my hood is in quite shabby state, I was thinking of spraying it black. What you guys think? And, should I go for matt black or metallic black (clear coating)? now with these wheels btw
  17. jonjay

    Roscoes Black Audi A3 1.8T - 2 Stage Correction

    First and foremost big thanks the Liam “lm_gauci” for recommending me to Roscoe for a full Paint Correction Detail on his Black Audi A3 1.8T. This has been on the cards since last year however a combination of bad weather and time constraints delayed this detail until now. This wasn’t a problem...
  18. Bondiblu

    Seat Ibiza Black Special edition

    Looks quite nice with all the extra's and only 150 being made. Is anyone planning on getting one?
  19. Too much Millers causing black smoke?

    hey everyone, i've got a leon cupra fr TDI 150 bhp. i recently started using millers, i at first noticed the difference, it seemed cleaner and a little more responsive, however today i have had a small problem, its throwing black smoke out of the back end, now before you all jump onto...
  20. MATTCR

    Pics of black angel eyes on a black Leon

    ... or any colour for that matter please :) tried searching but cannot find any/many black cupras with angels! cheers :happy:
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