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Leon Mk2: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 fitted


Hi All,

Just thought I would post up some pictures up of my ride, It's a work in progress.

Feel free to ask any questions. Hope you like.

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You need the black Cupra grill surround m8!
I know I know! I have a custom one now fitted that gives it a pretty aggressive look due to it being deep (it's like the Kondor body kit one)...def need to get rid of the chrome!


the back of the car looks well tidy mate, what did you use to get the rear lights that dark?
Thanks, I bought some of the light tint spray from ebay, was a bit of rushed job if i'm honest.

- remove light casings
- spray with one coat, leave to dry for about 10-20mins
-keep on applying till you reach the level of darkness you want
-for a gloss finish, lacquer the lights after they've dried the next day
- (if you lacquer then it'll be hard work to get off, if you don't you can buy tint remover again from ebay)


Now with custom black grille

A few more Close-ups of the Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2's and also some the custom grille.



im liking the wheels, suit the car really well ;), i just dont think that grill fits in properly with the rest of the car


Yeah I'm not sure about the grill either...it's a bit too deep.

Might just go for the SEAT black grille surround. Anyone know how much?



Black MY08 Cupra Grille on order.

Does anyone think the wheel bolts look out of place? It's just that wheel bolt covers won't fit with them all being special anti-theft bolts.

I actually am growing to like the 5 stud contrast.

I think hammerite'ing them might look a bit naff!


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Jul 9, 2008
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I think the bolts look well as they are, but be warned...... if they are chrome they will corrode. I know from experience. I have black wheels and have chrome nuts:whistle:and they have corroded badly[:@]. Have now ordered a black set


...funny how no one likes the grille on the forum, but everyone who's seen the car in the flesh likes the grille???

I must say it does look better in real life than on the photo's. Might see what ppl think at the NW meet this weekend (see sig)
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