1. cupra-gaz

    tyre size on standard rim?

    hey all, the time has come for some new rubber but before i order i am just wondering if i could put a wider tyre on the standard cupra wheels, i currently have 195/45/16, would a 205 be ok? cheers
  2. Fitment of 7.5" Rim with ET42

    I have been offered a set of secondhand alloys and wanted to confirm fitment onto my Leon Sport 20vT Car is standard height and no modifications The wheels are 18" with 7.5" wide rim Tyres fitted are 225/40/18 Was a bit concerned as most people specify 33-38 offset and wanted to make...
  3. Part number for steal rim???

    I e-mailed SEAT to ask if they could provide me with a part number for a steel rim that would fit my Altea ( also gave the VIN) The reply back was basicly NO! your car came with alloys so buy an alloy! So can anyone provide me with the part number for a steel rim? The rim details are 6.5J*16...
  4. Rim Wax - by Smart Wax

    Was looking to (whilst Fiancée was away) give my wheels a good clean and also apply a sealant. Was going to use Poorboys but couldn't find it in the shops (a detailing company 'Polished Bliss' near Aberdeen has it but is closed at weekends). Ended up buying Rim Wax for £17.50 at...
  5. Leon Mk2: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 fitted

    Hi All, Just thought I would post up some pictures up of my ride, It's a work in progress. Feel free to ask any questions. Hope you like.
  6. Brummy

    Wider Rim on Mk2

    as title really.. whats the widest you can go say in a 16, ET pretty much standard 38 ish without having to mess with arches etc? what are most running? :shrug: Discuss (please)
  7. nils 6l

    What Rim's should I Get?

    Please help me to make a choise, cause I don't know it anymore.. I haven't got a great budget so I don't get many optiones. I'm limited at about 850 to 900 pound's, and in the Netherlands you can't get much fot that. This is my options so far.. suggestions are welcome as well. The...
  8. MikeO

    Slow leak round wheel rim

    Hi Since having a couple of new tyres fitted, one appears to have a very slow leak round the rim (6 year old alloy ... but visually not in too bad nick). The folks that fitted the tyre have re-seated it twice now and it still looses a few pounds pressure over a couple of weeks. They now say...
  9. tashacupra

    Track day Tyres. List 1B. Tyre width on 7" rim?

    Hi all, right just ordered some new rims for track fun an now need to sort some tyres for them, i am looking at all the normal list 1B suspects like AO48r, R888, V70A, DZ01J etc but what i am more interested in is what compound are people running or what can you recommend or indeed not recommend...
  10. Tire size on a 16inch evo rim

    I currently have 205/45/16 but would like to have a less wide tire. I don't like how the wide tire makes the car feel unstable on bad Belgian highways. Breaking in wet will probably also improve with narrower tires. There is also a small price difference per tire in favor of the narrow ones...
  11. beezertart

    rim refurb

    I know this has been done to death n no-one seems able to recommend any in Surrey/south london in the searches i've done however is it feasible to have them done in a day or is it likely to be a pants job! There's somewhere in Nth London offering this,must be on premises as seems most place send...
  12. Seat Ibiza FR 20VT rim wide

    hi :) i wanted to know if i can fit a 215 tyre on the stock 16" rims thanks :)
  13. BanziBarn

    Actually how effective are rim protectors?

    After mullering my wheel I'm thinking about getting some tyres with rim protectors and I just wondered how well they do actually protect the wheel? Has anyone got any pics of an 18 with one of these tyres one? Thanks :)
  14. 175/50/16 tyres on a 7.5j rim

    Is this wise? I use my car daily, probably about 15k a year unfortunately :(. Am currently looking at new tyres, was planning on keeping the 205/40's on the back and swapping the fronts from 195/45 to 195/40. But I have just seen a set of 175/50's up for sale and thought it may be worth changing...
  15. chrisbond69

    Split rim choice

    Hi all its time now to properly think of the old euro spec split rim wheels for my project, im such a fickle person i cant choose so heres where i turn to you lot please give me your opinions on the following wheels and maybe throw down some of your own choices into the mix, looking for 17"...
  16. Rim Sizes - Euro Style

    I read some of you use 7.5J on the front and 9J on the back - would 9J all round be ok? What sort of problems would there be if I ran 9J all over? Some problems with front alignment - is this easy for a self fix? Any info appreciated! :) edit:They're on Toyo Proxes T1-S tyres with a profile...
  17. RichLCR225

    Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3's Rim Protector?

    Hi, just a quick question, as the title: Do Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres have a rim protector? I feel it is time to change my :p P-Zeros. Cheers
  18. Murdered LCR

    curbed rim

    right i curbed my rim on wednesday night :cry: and was thinking why get it refurbed normal i no some one the does the whole wheel any colour you like dimond cut face polished lip all for £35 has any one had the face of there rim dimond cut and the inserts of the rim left the normal colour or i...
  19. rllmuk

    LCR Wheel - Rim Bent!

    Was out cleaning my car this morning and spotted to my horror that my front near side wheel was sodding bent: I think I know when it happened, went down a huge pothole on a very narow road thanks to an equally huge lorry. Didn't think anything of it at the time aside from the large bang -...
  20. Alloy has come off one part of wheel rim.

    I just wonder if someone could possibly give me advice? My dark blue ( indigo) Toledo TDiSE which I bought new at the end of 1999 from SMC Exeter has and still is a fantastic car. Always reliable and not even a rattle out of it after 123,000 miles. I know it could actually do three times...
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