1. Tartan58

    At last - got a boot lip spoiler fitted!

    Well I've wanted a subtle boot lip spoiler for ages but never seen it done on a Toledo and nowhere seemed to do one specifically for the Toledo. After much research and e-mailing I finally found a supplier on e-bay who could (a) supply one to the correct length to fit the Toledo and (b) paint...
  2. Art0ir

    Painting a red lip on alloy wheels..

    Absolutely sick to death of the white rims now :lol: They are an absolute nightmare to keep clean!! I had them spotless, I mean spotess last Sunday morning. 80 miles and 2 hours later at a show, they were bloody bogging :cry: So, gonna paint them black with a red lip around the edge. Any...
  3. pdh 14a

    Front plastic lip removal?

    Anyone know how to remove the front plastic lip on an altea? i've removed all the screws at the back,bu not sure how to remove the front bit?
  4. gav_FR

    Black alloys with red lip - pics of Mk1 Leon multispokes please!

    I'm thinking about getting some new alloys for my car (MK1 Leon FR TDI) and I have more or less settled on the idea of black wheels with a red lip. Now me being the picky bugger that I am there are only a few styles that I've found that appeal to me and I think would/could suit the car. Ideally...
  5. Rear Wiper Hitting Tailgate Lip on way back down

    As title says really, when i put the rear wiper on, it goes up the back windscreen then on the way down it smacks the lip of the boot lid. Its gotten quite bad to the point where it is chipping the paintwork off. Anyone else have this problem?? If so could be a warrenty issue? the...
  6. Leon Mk2: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 fitted

    Hi All, Just thought I would post up some pictures up of my ride, It's a work in progress. Feel free to ask any questions. Hope you like.
  7. Bumper lip

    Ive been looking at my lip on the front bumper and I was wondering why it has two holes cut out on the right hand side (as you look at the car) and the rest are blanked off? Does it have something to do with the cooling of the car?
  8. What is this lip?

    What is this lip below the frontbumper? Is it original SEAT or where can I get it, anyone has a part number maybe?
  9. Audi replica RS6 wheels with red lip?

    currently I have a black 01 LC, and am thinking of getting the RS6 wheels (original i know:blink:) but I was thinking being different and getting them done in black with a red lip around the edge of the wheels what are peoples thoughts on this? seen some of the Ibiza boys do it with...
  10. coopra R

    Lip Gloss

    Got my front lip painted to give the front a deeper look.....wot you reckon ? Before.. After...
  11. Replacing front bumper lower lip

    Quick question guys! Has anyone changed the lower plastic lip on the front bumper? Can I buy it as a seperate part and fit it myself? Mines got a few scuffs from going to fast over speeds bumps.....still geting use to the motor and loving it more and more every day:)
  12. Part Number for Bonnet rubber lip? HELP!

    HI All does anyone know the part number for the black rubber protector type lip that fits at the front on the underneath of the bonnet, to stop so much dirt getting into the engine bay? to a 2001 Leon Cupra I had one fitted to my Ibiza cupra a while ago as its not standard as part of the...
  13. Front lip spoiler & Side skirt

    OK I nicked this photo from another thread, but where can I get this Front lip spoiler & Side skirt? Is it just the side skirt from the Aero kit? Any ideas of cost and can it be fitted by myself?
  14. wilksy

    is this regarded as lip mode?

    is this regarded as limp mode? hi experiencing somethin strange with my 51 plate lc, while gentle driving between 2000-3500rpm my boost can cut and come back slightly lower ie drivin with little throttle then it will cut and come back with less doesnt happen from 2000-3500 i get it...
  15. cupra front lip

    Where can i buy a front lip from a cupra for my FR ? Apart from seat of course.
  16. TINCAN

    Brake pads getting low plus lip on discs

    Car is going in for 40k service and also cambelt change next week....... thing is noticed pads were down to around 5mm ish + plus lip of disc edge of around 3mm ..... can feel it with my nail..... Any ideas whats the limit as such for replacing pads, discs.... want to do it myself rather...
  17. Molehill_Mike

    Refurbing Polished Lip Alloys

    Hiya Peeps, Just a quickie, can this be done? I heard that its not possible? If it is, is it cheaper than getting a whole wheel done as its only the lip? Cheers Mike
  18. 1996 Seat Toledo front lip

    Hello everyone, I'm from the US and need some from over seas. I'm looking for a front lip from a 1996 Seat Toledo SXE for my car. I have a 1990 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD (same a mitsubishi eclipse, just that it comes turbo) and look to put that lip on it. If anyone can point me in the right direction...
  19. Dimensions of the Curpa R front lip

    Hi. I'm looking for a Curpa R front lip as it looks quite tasty! I'm not fitting it to a Leon but a totally different car. So can anyone (if they are willing to brace the cold weather :clap: ) measure how long the lip is from one end to the other. :D Also i do have the part number...
  20. G888

    Lip Spoiler?

    Hi Ive seen a pic of a Black Cupra (03 i think) and it had a lip spoiler on the front bumper, does anyone have one of these? if so have you got a decent pic of it, as the other one i had was shyte. Cheers Gav
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