What is this lip?


What is this lip below the frontbumper? Is it original SEAT or where can I get it, anyone has a part number maybe?


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Feb 10, 2005
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its an lcr splitter from the mk1 series leons. Do a search on here there are some fitting guides.

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Nov 20, 2006
Fitting is simple. You need 12 x 25mm self tappers. Along the edge of the splitter you need to space the screw points out. The problem however with the splitter, and the reason i took it off, is because the FR/Cupra has a ''raised'' middle section it leaves the splitter ''hanging'' and able to be snug against the bumper. This to me looked crap after a while and really tacky.

You can see on the pic above what i mean about the raised centre bit. From the side view you can see through the splitter onto the ground which isnt how it should be

I have pics of mine on the link below
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I like the 4 "studs"/spacer pieces fitted between the splitter and middle sector of bumper on the black one. It sets it off nicely, I wonder what they are?


I'm not a big fan of the eyebrows eighter. But one thing I absolutely hate is the hign nose of the leon 2. It ruins the overall design IMO. A fat lip that would go all the way across the bottom of the front bumper would look really good, but the stock one looks rather bad I think.
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