1. S10EAT

    Wanted - Rear Anti Roll bar Leon Mk1 / 1M

    Hi, I’m after a rear anti roll bar for a Leon Mk1 /1M chassis - not fussed on make, white line, EIBACH, H&R as long as it’s 23mm+ in size. Thanks!!!
  2. Moley RUFC

    Octavia vRS mk2 - Eibach or H & R

    Hi Damian, I am just about to order a Octavia vRS 2.0 diesel. I was going to spec the Eibach 30mm springs for my vRS but having seen a car with them on they didn’t look low enough for me. The Skoda brouchure states a drop of 20mm for the vRS on the Eibach (E10-79-004-02-22) as the vRS is...
  3. davyboy

    Anyone thats fitted Eibach Sportline springs

    Quick question for those who have fitted Sportlines do you or have you used two new axle bolts read someware that its a must to get new ones is this true and is there a correct torque setting for these.
  4. WeeG

    Eibach sportlines have arrived!

    Got a phone call from home to say my eibach sportlines have arrived, unfortunatly i won't be back home until friday, with staying at my rented weekly haunt! But am getting these bad boys fitted on Saturday morning! Can't wait, as my bro's lowered fez st makes my motor look like a tractor just...
  5. ibiza fr tdi 5 door with eibach springs?

    anyone got a picture or two of a fr tdi ibiza 5 door on eibach springs? i've tried the search but got no where! :(
  6. WeeG

    Eibach sportlines leon fr tdi mk2

    Hey DPM, just wondering if you can price me up some eibach sportlines for my leon frr tdi mk2? Cheers:)
  7. philt90

    eibach dampers

    im looking at getting the sportline springs and going to upgrade the dampers at the same time to save on fitting twice. has anyone fitted the eibach pro dampers with there sportline or prokits if so what do you think
  8. RS6

    What are your thoughts Eibach springs

    Seems very cheap? i had a set on my corsa seemed really good http://www.eibach-suspension.co.uk/p1333459.htm obviously don't want to go to low car catches on everything as it is :)
  9. Eibach Pro Dampers and Springs fitted :)

    My pd130 has done 103k now and the suspension was feeling tired to say the least, and as I've decided to keep it I thought I'd better sort the suspension. Had a bit of a mission fitting the fronts along with new wishbones, drop links & top mounts yesterday; I didnt manage to start it until...
  10. Anyone got Eibach or Spax?

    anyone got Eibach sportlines or spax springs ? if so pics. what to go for Eibach vs spax. to go on leon fr mk1. want as low look as possible without loosen handling or ride quality.
  11. DaNnY_LaD

    -40mm Eibach LCR springs

    Hi Guys.. Could you U2u me a Price posted for a Set of Lowering springs on a Leon Cupra R? Id Be looking for a nice OEM Ride Feel but to close the gap abit more between the archs & Wheels So around -30mm to -40mm... My OEM Dampers are in Fine Condition so thats all good.. Thanks Lads..
  12. Shaunyboy


    Anyone lowerd their car on eibach pro's? Would be intrested to see a picture of how low they take it from standard.
  13. koni shocks and eibach springs

    Hi all, has anybody else on here got koni fsd shocks and eibach pro street kit (30mm) fitted to there LCR. As i fitted mine the weekend and there does not seem any difference in height, just feels more stiff? Pics would help out
  14. cheapest place to buy eibach sportline spring kit?

    as the heading states spring kit to fit 2009 cupra (not the latest upgrade model) help would be most gratefull cheers lee
  15. how good is the eibach sportline spring kit?

    how good are these kits for road use (too hard or ok) because i want to lower my k1 so it sits better and also might come in handy for the odd trackday etc.
  16. bmb779

    eibach springs

    Is there a vast difference between Proline and Sportsline springs, is the drop difference very noticeable?
  17. Eibach Pro's / Sportlines in the West Midlands

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you guys with Eibach Pros or Sportlines and who live in or near the West Midlands would be kind enough to let me see their pride and joy. Am not sure of how much of a drop I should get! Many thanks,
  18. New LCR eibach anti roll bars - Sizes Advice?

    Hi all, I ordered some anti roll bars from AMD to be fitted to my LCR by them, 25mm front and 25mm rear. The pair that turned up to them are 25mm rear and 22mm front. Is this still a good combination or is the front one a bit too small? Cheers Lee
  19. Cupraken

    Fitting Eibach Sportlines

    Spent a couple of hours in the drizzle yesterday fitting new springs, hope this helps..... Before: After: The car's dropped 15mm front and 40mm rear but I would expect it to settle another 5-10mm as the springs settle into the rubbers. Maybe a couple of 10mm wheel spacers on rear? Tools...
  20. Eibach Front ARB

    Has anybody got and eibach front anti roll bar fitted on their cupra tdI? I have been advised that there has been some issues with it on the cupra. Any feedback greatly received as i am due to get the steering rack replaced under warrenty this friday, and i am considering installing an...
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