1. GREY 225


    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has fitted just the eibach pro spring kit onto standard dampers on a LCR and if so was it worth it.I know i should really fit new dampers like fsd but cant run to dampers aswell, standard ones have only done 20k so will be in good shape,I have neuspeed roll bars...
  2. villain24

    Just had Eibach pro street fitted

    Wow! what can i say, what a difference, proper little go cart now:p and looks great slammed. One thing though, if i take a round about on a bit of a camber there is a noise like the tyre hits the top of the arch. Is this normal when you lower a car so much.
  3. ChrisJ

    Eibach or FK Springs on my LC??

    I have done quite a lot on my leon now, i would just like an opinion on this as i feel it will finish the car off nicely..... I need to know which is best, Eibach or FK Springs bearing in mind i still want a nice smooth ride and only a 30mm drop. Thanks people!:funk:
  4. johnvx220

    Eibach pro springs for FR tdi

    Looking at poss putting a set on my FR170 tdi. I am keen to reduce the wheel bounce as you set off and keep the power down on to the road. Did a search but gave up, what is the correct part number as there are two reference numbers, and the best price / place to order them from. Many thanks in...
  5. cupra2007

    Eibach Cupra

    eibach's are on the car with oem dampers!their cost was 220e plus 150e installed and the car been geometry checked!it looks fantastic,the ride IS better,a little softer and more progressive than before!though when we checked the car after installation for geo settings we found that it was a...
  6. Matching Shocks with Eibach lowering Springs

    I already have a set of Eibach Pro lowering Springs fitted to my Ibiza. However I would now like to replace the factory shock absorbers with a set of aftermarket items, that will work well with the Springs. Is it possible to buy Shock Absorbers that are fully adjustable, so that the ride...
  7. MikeShaw100

    Eibach's and HR's - Which gives a softer Ride?

    Hi All Getting my FR at the weekend and have read a few threads regarding the stiffness of the factory fitted suspension. I have had some back problems in recent years (38 years old this month!!!!) and would consider replacing the springs, but have the following questions? 1) Would...
  8. barnsley

    eibach springs how much to sell for

    removed my 40mm eibach springs off my mk1 leon they are a year old not sure how much to sell them for any ideas anyone :confused:
  9. beezasport

    Eibach Sportline

    Been offered a set of mk4 golf sportlines part number is 20-85-001-01-22 It's different to the leon but are they not the same setup as my LC....will they fit, i can only find info on the LCR on here.
  10. smoothuk

    Eibach ARB's and Blueflame backbox

    Have been reading around, and it seams the Eibach ARB's dont fit the LCR with a standard back box on as it rubs. Has anyone tried these with a blueflame system on, and does it allow that little extra to let the rear ARB clear the back box???
  11. Eibach Springs Pic Request

    Hi all, Hopefully buying a Leon Cupra R this weekend. Will have around a grand to do a few mods :D First thing im going to sort is the suspension, im swaying towards Eibach Pro Kit springs and uprated shocks, Has anyone got any pics of their R lowered on these springs? Done a quick...
  12. tasty_kebab

    Just got Eibach coilovers fitted!! (the story...)

    Atfer much thought and a small loan from my brother from uk-polos.net, I took the plunge and ordered Eibach coilovers last week. Ive not been that active on the forums in the last 4 weeks as I had Uni exams. Anyways yesterday I drove from Dundee to Aberdeen to get the suspension fitted... [4...
  13. tasty_kebab

    Pic Request: Mk4 with Eibach springs

    Anyone with the above? Not looking for coilover pics, just a normal suspension (non-coilover) that runs on Eibach springs. Thanks very much!
  14. tasty_kebab

    Pic Request: Mk4 with Eibach springs

    Anyone with the above? Not looking for coilover pics, just a normal suspension (non-coilover) that runs on Eibach springs. Thanks very much!
  15. Oliveracc

    LCR, Eibach Rear ARB & Exhaust

    I posted a few weeks ago about the standard backbox on my LCR hitting the rear Eibach anti-roll bar. Despite having the backbox bashed/welded a little to make more clearance (about 2" now) it is still hitting off the ARB when going over large bumps. I think the only solution to this is to buy...
  16. Oliveracc

    Eibach ARBs on LCR

    I've just ordered front and rear Eibach anti-roll bars for my LCR (I've been told this is actually S3 front and Leon rear). However, I've been reading the rear won't fit an LCR because of the exhaust. Can anyone confirm that the Eibach rear arb will (or won't) fit an LCR?
  17. push110

    Eibach Prodamper Kit & Koni fsd

    Hi Sorry if i haven't worded this very well There's been quite a few people fitting the koni fsd's and eibach springs to there cars recently, i believe it doesn't lower the car very much, maybe around 20mm or so. Could anyone tell me how much the eibach prodamper kit and springs would...
  18. Tall-Paul

    Eibach pro-street s

    ive got my car booked in to have the eibach high adjustable coilovers and a front roll bar put on n wondered if any1 has got this done themselves? Mk4 tdi 130

    No Eibach Coliovers For My Toledo Sport Due To No Tuv Test

    PLEASE TRY TO ADDRESS MY QUESTION You wont beleive it i wanted to get these coilovers for my seat toledo 1.820vt but eibach said they will not honour any warrantee claims if i went ahead and fitted them. they said the reason is that eicach have not TUV tested it on the MK2 toledo 1.8t but...
  20. sven7

    Had Koni FSD and Eibach Pro Kit Fitted to the FR

    Pictures Added - Koni FSD and Eibach Pro Kit Fitted to the FR Have read over the last couple of months of people who've also found the ride on their Leon on the uncomfortable side. After much debate I chose to have the suspension upgraded as I was finding the ride a bit too 'bouncy' for my...
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