1. Eibach suspension on LCR

    Just fitted Eibach pro-dampers and pro-kit springs to my lcr after removing my coilovers. Tried the springs with oe dampers and the ride was really crashy but with the Eibach dampers it is amazing. Yes i'll admit the handling isn't quite as good as my coilovers but it is still far better than...
  2. Eibach ARBs - Same kit as MK4 Golf?

    As per title really... i've always assumed the kit was the same across the range, but just to check, is there only one kit, and that kit fits both the Leon and Golf? ta :D
  3. Eibach fitted

    Had my Eibach springs and dampers fitted this afternoon to my Cupra. Obviously they’ve only taken the weight of the car for little under an hour so i expect them to settle yet. Difference was immediate, gone was the bouncy crashy ride through town - im absolutely amazed that aftermarket...
  4. dash

    Eibach springs

    Is it worth getting eibach springs to be used in conjunction with original dampers on an FR tdi....are those eibach springs any different from the oe ones? :confused:
  5. Eibach anti-roll bars with standard exhaust - LCR

    I've fitted Eibach anti-roll bars front and rear after advice from Eibach - only toi find that the rear bar hits the standard exhaust box. Anyone had this? Secondly, if i change the exhaust what would be a good replacement ie cost performance, abd has to be slender ie not too deep
  6. Darth Tater

    Eibach Coilovers Leon Curpa R

    Hi Anyone fitted the above and if so how did you find them? Looking for coilovers for occasional track day and otherwise normal road use so don't want anythign that will break my spine when driving about normally H&R appears to possibly be the way to go but if anyone's got the Eibach's...
  7. RALF

    Eibach rear wheel spacer's.

    Hi Just a quick question to anyone who uses the 15mm one's on a mk3 cupra, do they sit flush against the hub / brakedisc. Mine will but to do so the dustcap for the wheelbearing has to be removed. Or is there supposed to a gap between the spacer and disc, and when you tighten the wheel up it...
  8. JKing

    Eibach rear spacers

    Looking for some info on eibach rear spacers as I think it's something thats letting the car down. I have 7x17" alloys in a 40mm offset. Currently have a 5mm spacer on the front to clear the Brembos but no spacer on the rear. Not sure what size spacer to go for to bring the rear wheels out...
  9. Sam20v

    Eibach Pro kit here!! woohoooo

    Just thought i would share my excitement at having picked up my latest (soon to be added) Mod for my Tolly. :funk: :funk: :drool: :clap: :clap: :thumbup: Hope to be fitted at the weekend......my boyf is fitting it for me, have the equipment needed....just hope it all goes...
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