1. sheffboy

    anyone using eibach 8mm wheel spacers?

    I've won some brand new 8mm eibach pro spacers on ebay but i've noticed they're not hubcentric. Reading the blurb it says they fit over the hub but leave enough room on the hub to still align to the wheel. I'm loathed to try them on the car because if they're no good i want to sell them on...
  2. Which shocks with Eibach Sportlines? Or should I get some coilies?

    As I have decided to keep my car a bit longer I am looking at the possibilities of different suspension set ups. I have thus far had (all on stock shocks) Stock Suspension - Leany, wooly and stotty. Eibach Pro Kit - Too hard, not really any improvement on ride height. Eibach Sportline -...
  3. brightsideteeem

    Leon (1M) Eibach Sportline Spring Kit and brake suggestions

    Has anybody else used these with standard dampers? my car is a 2003 Leon TDi (ASV) i dont want super dooper handleing (although track day prep is in the process), but maybe just to help a little, i would go for coilovers but I think theyre going to be out of my price range , <£200. Also...
  4. Leon Mk2: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 fitted

    Hi All, Just thought I would post up some pictures up of my ride, It's a work in progress. Feel free to ask any questions. Hope you like.
  5. Coilover choices: Eibach Pro Street or AP?

    I'm hoping to get some coilovers for my cupra soon, so its decision time. Do I just get a set of AP coilovers which people seem to be finding quite good or it is worth spending the extra £200 and getting the Eibach coilovers? I'm not planning on having the car really low (probably only a 50mm...

    Has anyone lowered a K1 Cupra on Eibach springs or similar?

    Has anyone lowered a K1, the front end seems pretty low as standard. Has anyone taken this risk?? Any pics would be sweet..[B)]
  7. Eibach springs - totally different!

    Guys, Just ordered and took delivery of a set of eibach pro springs for my MK1 2006 Leon FR+ Fronts went on fine and no problems there, but when I went to do the rears I noticed the springs looked totally different, and that the circumference of the coil was much smaller on the eibachs :blink...
  8. EIBACH springs

    Hi, Which springs should i go for - eibach sportline or pro kit? any comments on these would be very helpful. thanks
  9. which shocks with eibach sportline springs?

    Hi All! My pd100 is getting annoying with its crashy yet bouncy suspension :confused: I have a set of eibach sportline springs but would like your latest recommendation as to which dampers to use with them? should i use the originals? But new originals or something else? I really...
  10. Eibach ARB or Milltek sports cat

    I've got a MK1 Leon Cupra with a Milltek Exhaust, Revo, Koni FSD shocks & Eibach springs. With the improve income I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket and I'm toying with the above. Which would be the better route? Or neither and add it to my MK5 R32 fund?
  11. eibach springs from FRtdi fit a golf??

    Hi Guys, Basically, i have a few mods left from my 2004 ibiza FR 130TDi, one of which is a set of eibach pro lowering springs. would i be able to fit these to my mates 130TDi golf GTi???
  12. For those who keep asking, here is what a Cupra looks like with Eibach Sportlines....

    Scuse the snow :)
  13. Gooner_Mike

    Mk4 Ibiza Eibach spring question

    I have seen these on the forum for sale. LINK. I was wondering (as you stock them) will they fit my 1.8T FR OK? It seems they have a different code.
  14. Eibach pro street S coilovers

    Hi, Maybe anyone over here might be able to help me out. Wanted to order a Eibach pro street S coiloverset today for my 08 mk2 Cupra. Eibach first had no clue what to offers (and their website is crap). Finally they came with two sets (both with 55 mm wide front dampers). One with a...
  15. Chan_P1_TDi_FR

    KW V1 coilovers and eibach ARB's ordered

    KW V1 coilovers and Eibach anti-roll bars ordered for my car. getting fitted on the 20th Jan by Star Performance in Kirkaldy, Scotland :) Looking to get lowered by a min 30mm. Anyone know low can you go without arch scraping issues with tyres? :confused:
  16. Leon FR150 with Eibach Pro Spring?

    Hello All, Is anyone running a Mk1 Leon FR TDI150 with a set of Eibach Pro Springs (25/30 drop) How much lower does it look than before when it had the standard FR suspension? Is it a true 25/30 mm drop on the standard FR suspension setup, which I assume is lower than the non-FR...
  17. ktulumike

    Mk2 Leon FR TDi - Ktulumike

    So here she is, 2007 reg. Re mapped, Eibach springs, BBS CH 18" wheels, 12" In Phase sub, Kenwood component door speakers and Kenwood double din head unit(pics to follow)
  18. Eibach lowering springs

    Hey Chaps and Chapeses, I have recently purchased an FR tfsi and want to lower it as it sit far too high. from a little home work i think that Eibach springs are the best option. Couple of questions: 1, Are Eibach any good ?? 2, They lower the car by 30mm (is that too low, don't want...
  19. Dan.Payne

    Eibach Spring kit part number?

    Any one have Eibach springs? I believe there -25mm anyone know the part number and whether they lower the Ibiza 25mm? Ive got a supplier saying that Eibach themselves say the Pro kit only lowers the Ibiza 10mm? but yet on their site it says -25mm http://www.eibach-springs.co.uk/ The...
  20. G2232

    Eibach pro kit spings

    Does anyone know if these will fit an LCR on their site it only states one set for 1.8T but not sure if they will
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