Leon (1M) Eibach Sportline Spring Kit and brake suggestions


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Has anybody else used these with standard dampers?

my car is a 2003 Leon TDi (ASV)
i dont want super dooper handleing (although track day prep is in the process), but maybe just to help a little, i would go for coilovers but I think theyre going to be out of my price range , <£200.

Also, rather than start a new thread, any suggestions for a good uprated disc and pad combo?

I would love to go for a big brake conversion (brembo's), but these are way out my price range lol

any help always appreciated :)

james walker

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May 24, 2007
retford notts
i wouldnt use with oem dampers mate, they will wear out fast then youll have to do all the work again to replace them... shocks and springs can be had for sub 200quid... coilovers i wouldnt recommend on the road unless you go for top spec fully adjustables, then your talking 500 plus.

go for shock and spring combo, and renew all bushes as part of the fitting.

as for brakes, you could go 312mm conversion for your tdi, or stick with the stock 288mm discs and uprate the pads to ferodo ds2500 for circa 120 quid. get the brakes properly bled and renew brake fluid, maybe change the hoses to stainless braided ones

312mm conversion is a bit more pricey, but search for leon cupras selling there brakes, youll need calipers, carriers and all bolts with pads to suit.


why not get some raceland coilovers thy are a little bit more then the springs but well worth it there about £260 on ebay a friend of mine has them and he loves them and least you can adjust the height to what you want
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