1. "Disc Brake" Sound from Rear Passenger Wheel

    Just bought a Leon FR 184 ST, when going around a bend i get this "disk brake" sound but without braking. The noise is as if you were hovering on the brake pedal. Noise location is from the rear passenger wheel. Anyone experienced this? Car is 7 years old and only 22,000 miles so has been...
  2. Brake Disk and Pad Size - 1.6tdi & 2.0 TDI

    All, i need to replace the front and rear brake pads on my 2011 Ibiza 2.0 tdi & My mothers 2012 ibiza 1.6 TDI. I cant find what size disk they have, i checked the PR label and there is nothing relating to brake setup. At a guess it is 288mm for the front and 230 for the rear... any...
  3. Cupra 280 Brakes

    Had my car in for a thermostat housing leak at a dealership (should be a reasonable price as family friend works there) “complementary” health check video shows need for front brake discs/pads. I’ll see how much they quote me but what good after market options exist? I know ferodo ds2500...
  4. Electric handbrake conversion kit

    Hi guys, Wondering if you can help me. I`m looking to convert manual hand brake to automatic/electric. Couldn`t find any garage on google who are doing proper, genuine conversion. Do you have idea perhaps? Can be anywhere in UK. Many thanks.
  5. JStrett

    Recommended brake pads 1.4tsi MK3?

    Could anyone give me some recommendations of a decent set of brake pads? Looking to change mine myself very soon and didn’t want to waste my money on cheap rubbish! Thanks in advance!
  6. Bas H.

    AP Racing brake replace SEAT Cupra 6J (question)

    Hi, Thinking of replacing the Brake Discs and pads myself. I got the SEAT Upgraded Sport brakes from AP Racing. Problem is: I dont know which products to use. I can't find which braking pads/discs should be for my car. Tried to check up the PR Code but that didnt helped out...
  7. Rear brake rewind tool

    Hi Guys, I need to change my rear brake pads on my ibiza 2001 TDI. Can anyone advise me whether the rewind tool has a left or right handed thread to rewind the piston? Thanks
  8. Brake Disks and Pads

    Does anyone know if I'd be able to do a straight swap from the stock disks and pads on a 1.6 to cupra r disks and pads?? Thanks in advance, Paul.
  9. AlexGSi2000

    Capping brake lines

    Im taking the car off the road for a week as I have a list of jobs to do. One of the main items on the list is to remove the Brembo callipers, strip them down and rebuild with new seals.etc and paint. As I will be removing the callipers from the car completely for a few days I dont want...
  10. Luke20vT

    Cupra & Cupra R brake setup

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if someone can tell me if the brake setup from a Cupra R would be a straight fit onto a Cupra? I have a 2001 Cupra, and I'm looking to upgrade. Thanks, Luke.
  11. lee_fr

    What brake calipers are on my 100PD sport?

    Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone could help, i have a 100PD Sport with 256mm discs (gash i know... all you 1.2 owners will know what i mean). I got the wheels off at the weekend to try and fit my new suspension but noticed ive got about 3-4mm left on the pads at the front, so they need...
  12. adam_may

    Brake Upgrade

    I have a MK4 Ibiza FR TDI, its been re-mapped and is lowered on coilovers. So it goes pretty well and handles pretty well. Now its time for stopping power! What brakes are an easy bolt on replacement? Pref not too pricey! Cheers Adam
  13. Teasy

    Brake Discs & Pads Question

    Anyone fitted Mintex brake discs & pads front & rear ? :think: :help: Reason I'm asking is I've seen them and I do fancy a bit of Mintex
  14. What brake pads for my LCR?

    Hi all, i need front pads for my 04 Cupra R, i don't hammer her or brake late and heavy so i don't need high performance pads, discs are good just feels spongy and a fair bit of travel but brake fluid has just been topped up by garage i bought her from last week. Loving her by the way, should...
  15. Mr OCD

    CRN Brake Disks

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to find CRN brake disks for my LC... the website looks as though it is down. Anyone know where I can get them from? - I'm sure someone mentioned ebay before but cannot find any? Cheers!
  16. Brake pads

    My front brake pads feel a bit worn and was thinking of upgrading them, any1 got any advice on different pads?
  17. TerrificToledo

    Brake Light Issues 02 Toledo

    Hey, this is a bit strange. I haven't really got a clue where to start, but here goes. - Flashing orange coil light when i put my lights on (then stays on until engine is off) - Front right (from drivers position) sidelight comes on when i press the brake pedal - Cruise control...
  18. Brake Light Fail, Bring up EPC & Engine Diagnostic Lights?

    Alright guys, Just been down to my local Frosts Seat garage, after having a problem with the car, after pulling away in second, it would maintain a constant rpm, and carry on driving without me touching anything, which i was then told it was an anti-stall mechanism. But today the same thing...
  19. front brake pads

    hi, i have a seat leon 1900 tdi 2001, can anyone tell me how to change my front brake pads please. thanks dennis.
  20. Brake pads recomended?

    I want to upgrade the pads on my cupra, happy with the discs, just want pads. Can anyone recomend some good pads that arent specificaly for track use??
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