My brain hurts. abs/tcs and more...


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Apr 5, 2019
Hello! It's me again, with more problems :(

so a few weeks ago I had a problem with the turbo and the car running in limp mode, I have since changed the MAF sensor and the car seemed to be running fine.

however, since then I have noticed that the car is running lumpy, usually on lower rev range about 30ish mph, the car judders momentarily. before giving the acceleration some.
I have no idea what to do about that, I've put fuel additives in the car to see if that might clear the issue, though no luck so far, It's only been a week and I do quite short journeys, I have been taking it on longer trips the past week or so though, so we will see what happens with that. But maybe someone has an idea of what could be wrong?

My next problem. urgh.
abs/ traction control lights are both on. not sure why
today I changed the ABS sensors in both front hubs, they were a dog to get out, they must be the originals, RIP old sensors.
I also blitzed the abs rings, they are like brand new now, and they look fine to me.
however, the warning lights are still on.
they do turn off every now and again, but they are mostly on, also they haven't turned off since the new sensors were put in today mind you.

Just here scoping for any ideas or suggestions that people may have, or maybe there are some common problems that happen that I don't know about.
because I've been scraping the bottom of the idea tank all week.

Oh, and finally there is a nasty persistent squeak from the NSF, mostly at slow speeds, but it's there pretty much any speed to be fair. which is probably a wheel bearing? which is a shame because I only had them changed 2 years ago or so. the squeak comes when the steering wheel is at certain angles, I think the more I turn right, the more prominent the squeak is, but I'm guessing there would be more weight and pressure on the NSF when doing that. not sure.
unless someone can imagine it being something else?
It's definitely not the dust shields though, because I ripped those things off ages ago. lol

the car is a 2004 seat Leon 1.9tdi Cupra.

any help would be much appreciated, I haven't got hundreds of pounds to throw at the car. So I'm trying my best to ... well you know, do the cheapest and easiest things first and go from there.

Thanks for your time.
if anyone at all wants to ask questions and stuff about the car n' that I'll try my best to answer them because I know my descriptions are a bit ****.


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Apr 24, 2002
Durham, England.
The ABS issue mines just started doing the exact same oddly. Im guessing from my VCDS scan its the cable to the sensor On my drivers side Causing issues rather than the sensor. I need to investigate mine further this weekend.

The squeek I had similar. But mine would come and go depending on steering angle. Maybe yours is the same. It turned out it was the brake pads. I cleaned up the carrrier greased them all up. Had to do it every year since or the squeek starts again.

Turbo. The variable vanes stick Is the issue mine had. Mine would go into limp mode and sometines feel ruff at low revs. Watch youtube videos on using mr muscle to clean it. Did mine a couple years ago and all been fine since.
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