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  1. Engine misfire and multiple warning lights after timing chain replacement

    Hi everyone, I have owned my Ibiza cupra since about December but started experiencing problems with the car in January. The car would misfire very 20 miles or so. As it wasn’t a huge problem I carried on driving and eventually bought myself a code reader that said cylinder 3 misfire. Cleaned...
  2. cupra-gaz

    done n249 bypass now judder, flutter?

    evening all, ok so i done the n249 bypass at the weekend following some threads and pics i found and im pretty sure its done right. though now when driving i get a slight judder after changing gear and earlier when goin up a hill in a low gear and changing the dv fluttered like my hks ssqv used...
  3. ets2k9

    Steering wheel judder?

    When I get past 60mph i get a judder through the steering wheel. Not a problem at lower speeds or even when accelerating. There is a slight pull to the left but nothing major. You reckon getting the alignment done will sort all this problems or is it something more sinister? The wheels...
  4. wheel judder help

    hi , any suggestions on why i have a wheel judder on the front wheels when breaking with the traction control light flicking now and again wheels have been balanced drives in a straight line, not really heavy breaking started during cold weather any suggestion to find problem thanks all
  5. Clutch Flywheel judder

    I recently got a remap done on my 1.9tdi toledo to 145 bhp & 280 torque. Its an 02 model with 98000 miles. After geting the remap done there is a judder at accelerating up through 3 -5 gears. i have a notion its a flywheel judder caused by the remap but woul like to see if any1 else ever had...
  6. clutch judder

    i have a 2ltr tdi and the first few uses of the clutch i get a judder wondered if anyone else had this
  7. 1.9 tdi judder when pulling away

    I've just bought a 07 reg 1.9 tdi leon stylance with 17k on the clock. I'm finding it virtually impossible to pull away in 1st without judder, this is even worse on hill starts and in reverse. I'm still hoping it's because I'm not used to the car, has anyone else experienced anything similar?
  8. Mr Roboto

    Engine Judder

    Right guy's and girls I need help from your collective minds! I get engine judder on idle and also on and off power. The judder sorts it's self out after a while so the ECU is adapting to somthing not working right. There are no fault codes at all I have done the following Changed...
  9. Loss of power/ Judder and vibration / traction light on permanently

    Hi Guys, I have a wierd intermittent problem with my 53 plate cupra pd. It has been revo tuned but that was a year or so after having it and had no issues like this till a few weeks ago. basically when i was cruising in 6th gear, give or take just over 2000 revs i felt a loss of power, it...
  10. Judder at low revs with foot down. 110tdi

    as above i am experiencing a small judder when i put the foot down at about 1200 rpm from 3rd gear onwards. the judder clears and stops after a second or 2 and pulls well after that. does this sound like the clutch?
  11. judder of doom! ok to drive?

    got the judder of death today, and got to go approx 15 miles to specialist...is it ok to drive that far? :headhurt:
  12. JamJay

    Yes...Another Judder

    Hey all. Over the past months I have read a few threads about LCR owners with "judders" when driving. However, none of them seemed to be what I was experiencing. Basically, when I am accelerating in 5th or 6th gear, just cruising around and not looking to pick up any real speed, the car...
  13. 2nd 3rd 4th judder

    anyone sufferd this problem when driving at low speed in 2 3 4 gear under low revs i have a slight judder had timing belt and waterpump done and still there . anyone sufferd this and can get back to me as its doin my head in many thanks guys
  14. 1.9TDi acceleration judder

    Hello everyone! My first post here, unfortnatley it's due to a problem :-( Hoping that some of you may be able to help me out! I have a 56 reg Altea 1.9 TDi, have had 9 months happy motoring so far but yesterday it developed a bit of an issue. When accelerating in 3rd, 4th and 5th from just...
  15. Judder: toledo v5 poss clutch or gearbox?

    hello all great site, this is my 3rd V5 its a 2001 Y plate bought it 3 days ago and i seem to think the clucth has colapsed . at low speed in 1st or reverse am getting a vilant judder evan with my clutch fully pressed in , then every now and again it will not come out of gear the clucth...
  16. cupraslayer

    car judder

    when driving the car in any gear ive noticed a judder or power lag when putting the foot down. at first i thought it was turbo lag from heat soak , but it has started doing it all the time, plus turbo gauge is saying all is good. ive cleaned the filter and ran redex through the tank so i know...
  17. lanceneoman

    Annoying whine / judder / rounded Wheel bolt

    okay, yesterday i put a deposit on an audi tt quattro 225. after some thinking ive decided not to have the tt and keep my cupra t. its a 2002 60k on the clock and i paid £5000 for it only 4months ago. looking at the 0-60 times theres only a 0.3 of a second between them and the tt'sinsurance...
  18. Clutch Judder / Engine occasionally missing

    Right today is Wed and I go off on holiday (driving to France a week on Friday). I am noticing more and more a couple of issues with my car (Altea XL 2.0TDI) namely 1. When cold and setting off in first, the clutch is almost "juddering". At all other times, unless I fully depress the...
  19. S8N

    Rear suspension judder

    Driving back from work tonight, I noticed that my right rear wheel seems to be vibrating quite heavily and sort of "juddering". I know I go over speed bumps a lot but I am always careful (I never speed around in built up areas). I have noticed it more recently and it's really starting to...
  20. big phill

    judder and sqeek

    hi all wondering if you can help had a look in the serch didn't find any answers for the last couple of days first start there has been a squeek like a fanbelt squeek but as soon as i do anything like brake ar accelerate it stoppes then when ideling there seems to be a judder but this is...
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