Stiff clutch pedal and high biting point - Unsolvable?


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Mar 8, 2020
I'm trying to solve the seemingly unsolvable. Any tips, knowledge or hunches gratefully received!

I have a 2014 Leon FR 150 ACT
I bought it second hand two years ago, at 40k, and the clutch has been a pain in the a** every since!
Almost immediately after buying it, it went back to the dealer with issues. I noticed the clutch had a slight judder, the biting point was high and the pedal travel wasn't smooth.

After much arguing, my credit card company forced the dealer to agree to change the clutch, release bearing and flywheel. It came back pretty much the same, just minus the judder. The dealer and credit card company announced job-done and washed their hands of it. Since then I've tried everything I can think of.

It's had:
  • Full clutch fluid flush
  • A new master cylinder
  • A new clutch pedal
On advice I've tried:
  • Removing the assist spring in the pedal, but it makes little difference either way.
  • Removing the in-line clutch delay valve, but again, little difference

Current symptoms:
  • The biting point is pretty high (but it came back from its clutch-change like that and the new clutch only has 15k miles since then, so I can't see how it could be worn out)
  • The clutch pedal travel is not smooth (it feels as if there is metal on metal somewhere that need lubricating)
  • The clutch pedal creaks audibly, particularly after a long drive (even after pedal and master cylinder were changed!)
  • The gears seem slightly out of alignment - if I adjust the gear linkages so that the forward gears aren't notchy, then reverse seems slightly difficult to engage and 1st gear occasionally triggers the reverse switch for a moment and sets off the parking sensors.
  • The anti-stall feature (where the car raises the throttle slightly as you engage the clutch) seems to happen at the wrong point in the pedal travel, leading to very easy stalls.
All-in-all it feels like the biting point is in the wrong position and its throwing everything else out. But with a supposedly new clutch I don't understand what could be making it too high, or causing the issues? The release bearing? The slave cylinder? I'm at the limit of my knowledge.

All that's left to change externally is the slave cylinder. After that it's a case of pulling out the gearbox (at £1k labour) in the hope that it's something obvious in there, or the past work wasn't done properly. If the garage says they can't see anything wrong, that's a lot of cash to chuck away.

After two years of faff, repeated garage visits, and lots of money, I'm at my wits end and close to selling the car for whatever I can get for it!
Any thoughts welcome!
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