1. davyboy

    Anyone thats fitted Eibach Sportline springs

    Quick question for those who have fitted Sportlines do you or have you used two new axle bolts read someware that its a must to get new ones is this true and is there a correct torque setting for these.
  2. lcrboy

    lowered my k1 on sportline today

    hi all, just finished lowering my cupra! looks awesome so much sleeker........well happy with it! to anyone who is running standard springs get yourself some sprotlines!:)
  3. philt90

    Sportline Reviews

    hello everyone im looking at getting some sportlines for my leon fr improve the ride hopefully looking for some reviews to see what everyone thinks. looking for stuff on overall ride, any scraping on tyres, any problems people have had etc
  4. cheapest place to buy eibach sportline spring kit?

    as the heading states spring kit to fit 2009 cupra (not the latest upgrade model) help would be most gratefull cheers lee
  5. how good is the eibach sportline spring kit?

    how good are these kits for road use (too hard or ok) because i want to lower my k1 so it sits better and also might come in handy for the odd trackday etc.
  6. dearly beloved

    Which one to go? Eicbach pro kit or sportline?

    I've got new BBS seat sport alloys for my 1.4 TSI.. I want to lower my car's height..Which one is the best? The pro kit or the sport line? I sometimes park my car on the sidewalks and I thought that the sportline can be a problem.. What do you think which one will suit my car best? Thanks for...
  7. brightsideteeem

    Leon (1M) Eibach Sportline Spring Kit and brake suggestions

    Has anybody else used these with standard dampers? my car is a 2003 Leon TDi (ASV) i dont want super dooper handleing (although track day prep is in the process), but maybe just to help a little, i would go for coilovers but I think theyre going to be out of my price range , <£200. Also...
  8. Neel-Cupra

    Sportline & Milltek pics!!

    Just been down to Awesome yesterday to have my long awaited full milltek and eibach sportline springs fitted :p well pleased with the results :funk: anyone thinking of getting the sportline kit go for it!!! fantastic ride quality and makes it look alot meaner, milltek sounds great aswell [B)]...
  9. which shocks with eibach sportline springs?

    Hi All! My pd100 is getting annoying with its crashy yet bouncy suspension :confused: I have a set of eibach sportline springs but would like your latest recommendation as to which dampers to use with them? should i use the originals? But new originals or something else? I really...
  10. ktulumike

    Mk2 Leon FR TDi - Ktulumike

    So here she is, 2007 reg. Re mapped, Eibach springs, BBS CH 18" wheels, 12" In Phase sub, Kenwood component door speakers and Kenwood double din head unit(pics to follow)
  11. beezasport

    Eibach Sportline

    Been offered a set of mk4 golf sportlines part number is 20-85-001-01-22 It's different to the leon but are they not the same setup as my LC....will they fit, i can only find info on the LCR on here.
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