1. V-Maxx lowering springs

    Hi , I have a Seat Ibiza Sport Coupe 6J 1.4 2010 I am wondering has any one ever uses V-max or heard anything about them they are offering springs at a reasonable price , I’d use them for day to day driving basis such as commenting and works ect Thank you in advance Dan
  2. Coil Spring Snapped

    Driving in the dark and bang hit a b*****d pothole :( When i got home found that my front drivers side coil spring has snapped. Anyone know how i would find out the part number of it for a 54 plate Ibiza FR and a rough price? Thanks Richie
  3. is true about the fitmment with golf mk4 and leon 99-05 lowering spring?

    someone told me that but i want to know if it is true because i dont find eibach sportline for my leon fr in my country but the golf mk4 one is here, i want to know before buy it
  4. Veyron

    Will this Suspension Spring fit?

    Hi, posted on another thread but thought it would be best to make a new one. My suspension spring snapped (Front left) so am looking for a replacement and was wondering if this one would fit? Thanks...
  5. spring snapped - chances of it being covered by warranty??

    spring snapped today people. only done 1300 miles since i had it in february. anyone had these done under warranty or have you been fobbed of by excuses about bad roads and potholes?? forgot its a 56 plate with 40k on it. i meant ive only driven it for 1300 miles. :P
  6. signs that i need to change the spring in my 007p?

    right now after taking the Baileys BOV off, and running a standard forge077p on my Mapped LCR, i realised i still had a green spring it. The difference in turbo pull was quite alot, as the Baileys when i opened it up really seemed to hold boost well and itd pull you back in the seat more. Since...
  7. aaronbromley

    Broken suspension spring?

    Hey guys and girls, I was driving out of my close last night turning the wheel when i noticed a sound which i can only describe as a "scraping" sound. It was too dark last night to be able to see what was wrong and i assumed it was a piece of plastic catching on the wheel, so i had a look...
  8. suspension spring

    Hey everyone jus registered and wondered if anyone could give me a bit of info? was driving and heard a clanging noise from passenger side suspension then it stopped and had to chase a bit of my spring down the road! got a quote from quik fit 4 the front 2 suspnsion springs and tracking 4 £135...
  9. NottsLCR

    New Actuator or just spring?

    The spring on my K04 Actuator is failing at the top end. Anyone know where I could get a new one from? I know Forge do them but unsure if these are direct replacements for standard or just for Forge’s Actuator. A spring from Forge is only £12, but if there is a good benefit to changing to...
  10. Jamesrowe

    Dump valve spring

    Hey all, I've got a mk1 LCR which is over boosting, peaking just above 22psi and settling around 18psi (which i've been told is high). When i bought the car, the person i bought it off said it was completly standard apart from a dump valve. A couple of weeks ago i got a liquid gauge and...
  11. The Boc's on Coilies! UPDATE Page 1 (some new spring photo's)

    Well Awesome Gti lived up to their name today and fitted my Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar and Eibach Pro Street Coilovers. My impression after 50 miles.. So so impressed! The ride is actually slightly softer and more comfortable than the standard cupra dampening but it feel more sturdy at the...
  12. Daryld

    Apex spring

    i have not recieved my springs yet mate any chance you can chase it up as its been over 2 weeks. regards
  13. yellow forge spring

    hi. does any1 no wer to get a yellow spring for my forge 007? need 1 thanks
  14. NottsLCR

    Yellow or blue spring???

    I currently have a Forge Split R in full recirc mode and just realised I still have the standard spring! Currently running stage 2 on my LCR with mods in my signaure so would you say I need the yellow spring rated 15-23 PSI or blue rated Blue - 23-30 PSI? Cheers
  15. TINCAN

    Coil spring replacement ??

    Offside front coil spring snapped. Question is, is it ok to replace just the one or should i replace both? Something in my mind saying it won't sit right due to wear and tear if i do the one........ or is that rubbish???? Thanks in advance
  16. Snapped spring

    Hi people, Was just driving back from work tonight and all of a sudden a really loud bang came from the front right wheel. Stopped the car and got out then realised that the spring is snapped in half:( My question is, can I just buy a complete new set of lowering shocks and springs, as I was...
  17. tequilan

    weitec spring and shock set - big thumbs up

    got this fitted yesterday to my ibiza fr tdi and wow what an amazing piece of kit for just over £300 quid! i'd read many times damien blabbing on about how good this kit was and didnt want to follow the coilover crowd and im kinda glad i didnt now, im so surprised by the quality of the ride...
  18. Which spring forge 007p

    Hi i have had a quick search but cant find the answer i need, i bought my 007p DV from a member on here and just assumed that the correct spring would be fitted but then i thought what if he never had his LCR mapped ? so i think i should be using the yellow spring with a CC stage 1 is this the...
  19. lukecupra2001

    Spring snapped

    On my way home heard a massive bang like a tyre blowing but when i stopped and checked everything looked normal, except one side of the car was lower than the other. Anyway long story short drivers front spring has snapped big time, what do i do next? Do I just rplace to front springs for...
  20. Broken spring :( pic!

    Hey, have been posting this weekend looking for tyre advice and also what could be wrong with my front suspension as the knocking and clucking was getting worse then got much worse! Got it up, had a quick look and didnt take long to see what was wrong.... New spring + shock ? Anything...
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